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Babylon/Rocks Hotel


No of rooms: 66
No of suites: 6
Macau Fisherman's Wharf
Tel: (853) 2878 2782
Fax: (853) 2872 8800


Babylon Casino

No of Tables: 16
No of Slots: 62
Tel: (853) 2823 2233
Fax: (853) 2823 2288

(Last updated: September 5, 2017)



Fantastic looking casino with some $100 minimums.




Situated beside each other on the far end of Fisherman’s Wharf, the Rocks Hotel is the de facto hotel of the Babylon Casino, and has been since both properties opened in December 2006.   Macau Legend Development Limited owns both entities, along with the nearby Harbourview Hotel and Legend Palace Hotel and Casino.




The Babylon might have a bit of an isolated location, but it gets my vote as the best looking casino in the city.  The main gaming floor is circular in shape and dominated by a large sun shaped chandelier, which looks very sharp when viewed together with the blue lamp torches on the 2nd floor.  Beautifully carved sculptures of powerful Arabian beasts such as lions, dragons, bulls and preying birds adorn the walls on all sides along with rows of astrological figures, a weird juxtaposition that works just fine.  The 2nd floor used to have a room that was even more gorgeous, but unfortunately it’s not open to the public anymore.

Tables at the Babylon only number 16, all of which are found on the ground floor.  Minimums are mostly between $100 to $300, and only five games are offered: Baccarat, Commission Free Baccarat, Blackjack, Sic Bo and Texas Hold ‘Em.  I was shocked to see the Babylon with live poker tables, but not so surprised when they were all empty, which is probably the status quo.  To find the slots you need to go to the 2nd floor and walk awhile to get to the Flamingo Room, which will undoubtedly be deserted when you get there.  It holds 62 machines with most lows 10 or 20 cents, along with Live Gaming Baccarat for $20.
There is one place to eat at the Babylon, but it's very small.  The tiny Al-Frat Cafe, located just off the casino floor, seats only four.  The menu is quite large however and features fried rice ($98 to $138), noodles ($38 to $98), barbecue ($98/$118) and specialty dishes ($56 to $228).  Sandwiches ($23 to $28) and small pieces of cake ($22) are also available as are soft drinks, tea and alcoholic beverages ($12 to $32).



Baccarat - Minimum bet is $300.

Commission Free Baccarat
- Minimum bet is $200.

Blackjack - One table.  Minimum bet of $100.

Sic Bo - 5 bets in total.  Minimum $100 Big/Small, Even/Odd.

Slot machines - 62 machines in the Flamingo Room.  Also has $50 Live Baccarat on the main casino floor and $20 Live Gaming Baccarat in the Flamingo Room.


Texas Hold Em - I can’t see this poker room lasting very long.  When Wynn Palace can’t pull players, what hope does the Babylon have?  Blinds start from $20/$50 and go all the way up to $500 and $1000.



Babylon’s VIP program returns 0.9% cash back or 1.2% in complimentary allowance on buy ins of over $5000.     


The Rocks Hotel is a total sham, a piece of 21st Century Eurotrash that wants you to believe it's been around since 1825.  Don't let the white balconies or Victorian charm fool you though, this hotel is all (French) window dressing and nothing more.    


side entrance of the Rocks Hotel in Macau lounge section in the lobby of the Rocks Hotel staircase and chandelier inside the Rocks Hotel in Macau two large chandeliers at the Rocks Hotel in Macau 


The Rocks Hotel opened in 2006 and has 72 rooms spread out over 5 floors.  Prices are very similar to the nearby Harbourview Hotel.



Rates are in Hong Kong dollars and already include all tax and service charges.




The only restaurant at the Rocks Hotel, Vic's Portuguese Cafe, is located in the lobby.  Prices are as follows:

Tapas: $28 to $148
Starters: $58 to $148
Soup: $48 or $68
Family style sharing: $358 to $2888
Grilled: $88 to $888
Seafood: $118 to $238
Meat: $88 to $288
Pasta: $88 to $158
Asian: $108 or $158
Dessert: $48 to $78

Vic's Portuguese Cafe keeps hours from 7 am to 1 am.  


Guests have free access to the gym at the neighboring Harbourview Hotel, a definite upgrade to the sorry one that’s at the Rocks.


If you plan to stay near the Macau Ferry Terminal and spend around $1000 for a room, do yourself a favour and stay at the Grand Lapa, end of story.  It might be $200 or $300 more, but it will be worth every penny. 


As for the casino, the Babylon will do just fine if you're into cheap Sic Bo or Blackjack.  It also might be the coolest looking casino in town, with all of its burning torches, flaming suns, and Babylonian dragons.       



The Rocks Hotel and Babylon Casino are located in Fisherman's Wharf, right across the street from the Sands.