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Golden Dragon


Rua de Malaca, Macau 
Telephone: (853) 2836 1999
Fax: (853) 2836 1333


No. of Rooms - 438
No. of Suites - 45
Table Games - 53
Slot Machines - 0 

(Last updated: September 8, 2017)





Rock low minimums ranging from $50 to $200.




Debuting in 2005, Golden Dragon was the first hotel that local legislator Chan Meng Kam opened in Macau, preceding Grand Dragon, Million Dragon, and Royal Dragon.  It’s definitely his seediest venue, with live sex acts headlining the Crazy Happy Show and similar smut showcased at 18 Sauna and Grand Dragon Nightclub.  As for the casino, it’s on the SJM license, and isn’t halfway bad, given its decent minimums and promotions.


The return of Mah Jong Pai Gow to Macau had been a glorious revival.  Unfortunately, it bit the dust in late 2017.

Baccarat - Minimum bet of $200.

Blackjack - Minimum bet of $200.

Sic Bo - Big/Small minimum bet is only $50.

Three Card Baccarat - One $100 table.



All of the promotions at Golden Dragon are related to VIP cash buy in programs.

1. Cash buy ins of $5000 return 0.8% immediately

2. Cash buy ins of $50000 and above returns 1.1% cash back (immediately)

3. A free room can be had with a $40000 buy in Sunday to Thursday and a $60000 buy in Friday and Saturday.

4. Food deals:

Cash buy in of $1000 nets a $15 dining coupon (anytime)
Cash buy in of $15000 nets one free Villa Picasso buffet (Monday - Thursday)
Cash buy in of $18000 nets one free Villa Picasso buffet (Friday - Sunday)

5.  Shopping and Entertainment

Cash buy in of $5000 nets a $50 coupon which can be used in the hotel outlets.
Cash buy in of $10000 nets a $130 coupon which can be used in the hotel outlets.
Cash buy in of $20000 gets one free entry into the Crazy Happy Show.
Cash buy in of $30000 gets one free entry into the Eighteen Sauna.
Cash buy in of $40000 gets one free 45 minute massage at Eighteen Sauna.



Golden Dragon doesn't look that big, but it actually has more rooms than the Sofitel (408), the Grand Lisboa (430), and Landmark (460).  Room rates are in Macau Mops, including all tax and service charges.




The Golden Dragon has a small pool on the fourth floor of the main building.  In the winter it closes down.


Golden Dragon outdoor swimming pool    


The Eighteen Sauna has my favorite spa picture of all time.  I think it got removed sometime in 2012, but it shall live on forever on this site.  Hello!!

sexy 18 Sauna poster at Golden Dragon hotel


Full service at 18 Sauna runs from $2218 to $4140 for a prized Japanese babe.  Straight up massage costs $764 for 45 minutes and $908 for 90 minutes, while oil massage begins at $1159.  If you just want to use the facilities, the door pass is good for 12 hours and costs $650.  
The Eighteen Sauna doors stay open 24 hours.

The Crazy Happy Show
- The Crazy Happy Show is composed of two parts, the "European Style Table Dance", which is a typical strip show performed by a solo woman on stage, while the "Super Erotic Dance" is a live sex show featuring both male and female performers. 


Crazy Happy Show poster with numerous performers Crazy Happy Show poster with bare breasted Asian babe Crazy Happy Show poster with naked white girl lying on a beach Crazy Happy Show poster featuring sexy white performers

Tickets for the Table Dance cost $400, while you can see both shows for $500.


The Grand Dragon Night Club is a karaoke bar where you can put into practice some of the things you learned at the Crazy Happy Show.  I'd imagine that action would cost somewhere around two grand. 
night exterior of Hotel Golden Dragon in MacauTHE LAST WORD

The Golden Dragon is a house of ill repute that even attracts mainland streetwalkers at night, who just linger around the Northeastern corner waiting for some action.  They all look over 30 and like they're in the wrong business, if you know what I mean.  As a hotel option, leave the Golden Dragon to the mainland tour groups and anyone else who's foolish enough to live there.  It's a hole.


Golden Dragon is situated very close to the Macau Ferry Terminal and Casa Real.