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Jai Alai

Avenida da Amizade
Phone: (853) 8801 2788
Fax: (853) 8801 2799

No. of rooms - 132
Table Games - 23
Slot Machines - 82

(Last updated: January 4th, 2018)




One of Macau’s oldest casinos, Jai Alai was originally built in 1975 to stage Jai Alai matches, a kind of Spanish handball sport popular in Hispanic and Latin countries.  Games were held there for about 20 years, before falling out of favour with local audiences sometime in the late 1990’s.  After that the property took a hard nosedive, and became one of the city’s dirtiest most disgusting venues bar none, where you could find everything from sauna girls to live sex performances, dingy discos doubling as brothels to God knows what else.  In 2012, SJM pulled the plug on the property, committing to a clean up and renovation that took 4 years to complete.  In December 2016, Jai Alai was back on the scene again with a new lease on life, headlined by a reworked casino, 132 room hotel, and 32,000 square feet of retail space. 


Jai Alai’s main drawing card is its 23 table casino which connects to the one at Oceanus via an elevated walkway.  A very nice venue for the budget gambler, five games are offered: Baccarat ($100), Blackjack ($100), Fan Tan (pricy $600 Sheh Sam Hong lows), Sic Bo ($50), and Three Card Baccarat ($100).  Slot machines number 82 and start from 5 cents while Live Gaming Baccarat is only $10.  Electronic Roulette and SIc Bo are also available for $5 and $10 respectively.  

The casino is notable for its good drink service and free strips of beef and cake on the 2nd floor which is a nice gesture that more casinos should provide.  The Fan Tan game is unique as well, since it takes place on two floors and those sitting upstairs place their bets in buckets which get lowered downstairs by staff before the games begin.  If the player wins a bet, the buckets return with their winning chips, if not, they’re emptier then the Marie Celeste.  I believe this use of buckets is a throwback to the 60s and 70s, when they were commonly used in casinos to collect and pay out bets, as illustrated in the opening scene of the 1974 James Bond film The Man with the Golden Gun.  (Which of course was also shot in Macau at the now defunct Macau Palace casino.)



Baccarat - Sweet $100 minimums.

Blackjack - Minimum bet is only $100.

Fan Tan - Fan, Nom, Kwok lows are $200, while Nga Tam is $400 and Sheh Sam Hong $600.

Sic Bo - Rock low $50 Big/Small minimums.

Slot Machines - 82 slots that begin from 5 cents.  Also has electronic versions of Roulette ($5) and Sic Bo ($10), while Live Gaming Baccarat is $10.

Three Card Baccarat - Lows of $100.



Jai Alai’s hotel has 132 rooms with rates $799 from Sunday to Thursday and $999 on Friday and Saturday, all taxes and service charges included.  The only way to book a room is to do it at the front desk; their website isn’t up and running yet and travel agencies can’t help you out either.  As an added bonus, breakfast is currently free.


There’s one inexpensive restaurant on the lobby floor along with a small bar.  The Grand Buffet, which used to be a crowd pleaser at the Grand Lisboa, is also slated to open on the 2nd floor in January 2018.




Jai Alai is located behind Oceanus, about a 5 minute walk away fom the Macau Ferry Terminal.