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Million Dragon


Address: Rua de Luis Gonzago Gomes 230
Enquires: (853) 2880 0888


No of Hotel Rooms: 112  
No of Suites: 86
Table Games: 70
Slot Machines: 107

(Last updated: September 8, 2017)




The spa and gym are pretty good... and that's about it.




Formerly known as Lan Kwai Fong, Million Dragon was acquired by Chan Meng Kam in 2018, bringing his casino/hotel count up to 4.  Much like his other properties on the old Peninsula, Million Dragon isn't particularly enticing as either a gambling or living option.  



Baccarat - Minimum bet is $200.

Commission Free Baccarat -  Minimum bet is $100.


Banking Three Card Baccarat - Minimum bet is $300.

Pai Gow - Players cannot bank, all play is conducted versus the Dealer at all times.  Minimum bet is $300.

Sic Bo - 7 different bets are available.  Big/Small minimum bet is $200.

Slots - Around 107 slots, with minimums that range from .05 to $1.  There’s also $20 Live Gaming Baccarat on the lobby floor.



For VIP customers, Million Dragon's rolling chip program returns the following commission.

That’s a hell of a lot of work to do just to get 1% back, if you ask me.
Million Dragon has more VIP gaming upstairs in the 18th floor Eight Elements club.  Buy ins of $100,000 now receive 0.85%, much less than the 1.2% they used to give.




I was once told that the Grand Lisboa was named one of the ten ugliest hotels in the world by some publication a couple of years back.  That’s completely bonkers for two reasons: one, the Grand Lisboa looks great and two, Million Dragon is easily the worst looking hotel in town and it's not close.  Why they decided to slant the windows on the front of the hotel is beyond me, and is only outdone in the weirdness department by the decision to paint everything purple, which just looks horrible.  At least they had the good sense to take away the hideous golf ball decoration that had been outside for years.

Rooms at Million Dragon had been unavailable for a number of years before coming back online in 2017.   


Vastly overpriced, there’s no way you should be considering Million Dragon for so much money.  The dining is substandard, there’s no pool and the rooms are extremely small.  You can find hotels as good or better for half the price.  Take a pass.



There's good news and bad news when it comes to the health club and spa at Million Dragon.  The good news is that both come fully loaded; the gym is large and modern, while the spa has everything you want in terms of amenities as well as a comprehensive selection of massage and beauty treatments.  Simply put, both far outshine what is typically found in similar sized and priced Macau hotels. 

The gym, for example, will suit all comers, whether the goal is to bust a lung doing cardio or tear a shirt doing heavy lifting.  The bad news though is with the spa, (which is 100% legit), because it's not free for hotel guests.  They’ll either have to pay $230 to get in to use the sauna or steam room, or pay for a treatment instead.  One of the better value options in town, 90 minute massage tops out at only $630, while facials are between $580 and $1280 and body treatments $480 to $1680.  There’s also various slimming treatments for $300 to $600.

The gym is located in the spa on the second floor so they keep the same hours, 11 am to 3 am daily.



Anything owned by local legislator Chan Meng Kam on the old Peninsula is going to be extremely dodgy as a living option, and Million Dragon is no exception.  It’s best described as a boutique hotel without any boutiques, or really anything else for that matter, whether that be decent restaurants, bars, or entertainment.  The only saving grace is that Meng Kam bought the place - he didn’t build it - so corners weren’t cut with the gym and spa, so those two facilities are actually above average, in a 3 star hotel kind of way.


Million Dragon is located out by the Macau Ferry Terminal behind the Waldo.