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Taipa Casino / Regency Art


2 Estrada Almirante Marques Esparteiro, Taipa
Tel: (853) 2883 1234
Fax: (853) 2883 0195

No. of rooms & suites - 326
Table Games - 5
Slot Machines - 73

(Last updated: January 4th, 2018)





$50 Baccarat in Macau’s smallest casino.


In the 80’s and 90’s, the Hyatt Regency was one of Macau’s top living options, a rare 5 star hotel in a city that had didn’t have many of them at that time.  It was cutting edge, state of the art, hip to jive and a very popular venue for weddings, banquets, conferences and corporate events.  Fast forward 30 years and it’s an afterthought with a new name - the Regency Art Hotel - and nothing left from the glory days but the mould and mildew that’s been multiplying in their musky bathrooms since the turn of the century.  Make no mistake, this hotel is long past it, and with tour groups taking up the bulk of their business, they really have no incentive in getting it back.  After walking around the hotel, I think their company slogan is, “We don’t have to care anymore and it shows.”


Taipa Casino is Macau’s most inconsequential casino, featuring only 5 Baccarat tables with $50, $100 and $500 minimums, along with 73 slots and electronic versions of Baccarat ($10), Sic Bo ($10) and Roulette ($30).  The casino had been closed for 8 years before resuming operations on November 17th, 2016, and it’s a wonder why SJM even brought it back.  Analysts in the know don’t believe it will “generate material revenue or profits”, and I tend to agree with them.  The $50 Baccarat is very notable though, since it's the lowest in town, so the casino could be worth visiting for that reason alone.


Baccarat - Minimum bet of $50(!)

Slot Machines - 73 slot machines with 5 and 10 cent lows.  Also has electronic Baccarat ($10), Roulette ($30) and Sic Bo ($10).


Taipa Casino’s has two dead chip promotions that require $1000 buy ins. 

The first returns 0.9% immediately, or 1.1% in hotel dining coupons, while the second one below is identical to one at the Lisboa.


I’d wager that many people have a favourable first impression of the Regency Art Hotel.  The lobby is a glimpse into the hotel’s halcyon days, a beautifully designed space that exudes elegance and station, albeit in a dark understated way.  Interesting art pieces are displayed here and there, along with a well lit gallery room adjacent to the main doors that actually never opens, which means it’s there just for show, but new guests don't know that anyway.



After check in though reality sets in and guests realize that they’re staying in a hotel that is mainly driven by tour group business, and as such, the morning buffet, facilities and amenities have all been lowered to meet those standards.  When I visited in December 2017, for example, the only thing the hotel had to offer for guests were 3 restaurants, and I’d wager none of them are any good.

Rates for a hotel you shouldn’t be considering at all (unless they get their act together and put in some effort) are as follows.


The outside leisure zone is the perfect microcosm to diagnose all of the current issues with the Regency Art Hotel.  You have the makings of something truly great out there; however, through neglect, laziness, cheapness, indifference, or perhaps all of the above, the area is a wasteland that’s of no use to guests and visitors. 



Appearances matter in the hospitality industry, people pick up on the slightest hints and clues and draw conclusions about how much their business matters to the hotel.  And when you step outside to see an empty pool, broken down children’s playground, abandoned tennis courts and no sign that anyone gives a damn, that answer is obviously not very much. 



It’s all quite a shame, because if the pool and tennis courts ever get fixed and open up, then the recreation area could be among the best in Macau.


The hotel also has another Billiard room with a foosball and pool table that I don't think anyone is ever allowed to use.




The Regency Art Hotel offers three restaurants for your dining displeasure.  Regency Noodles and Chinese Light Dishes and A Pousada both operate out of the same venue on the lobby floor, which is also where you’ll find the breakfast buffet.  Prices are as follows:

Regency Noodles and Chinese Light Dishes

Appetizers and BBQ: $80 to $108
Soups: $80
Chef’s Recommendations: $88 to $438
Seafood: $98 to $288
Main Meat Dishes: $98 to $238
Vegetables: $60 to $88
Rice and Noodles: $68 to $98

A Pousada

Appetizers and Salads: $42 to $78
Sandwiches, Burgers and Snacks: $58 to $78
Chef’s Recommendations: $108 to $298
Main Courses: $78 to $188
Asian Specialities: $82 to $92

Flamingo - Flamingo is the other restaurant and might be Macau’s worst Portuguese joint.  My lunch there with two friends was an unmitigated disaster.  For a review of the carnage, please follow the link here: Flamingo.

Appetizers and Salads: $68 to $138
Soups: $38
Main Dishes: $158 to $288
Seafood: $98 to $198
Rice and Vegetables: $78 to $128
Desserts: $18 to $78

Hours are from 12 pm to 3 pm in the afternoon, and again from 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm at night.  Mercifully, Flamingo closes on Tuesdays.


There is a spa but guess what?  The doors stay permanently locked and no one’s allowed in there. 


The gym was closed as of my visit in December 2017.



Unless you got a Delorian parked in the garage that can take you back to 1985, I wouldn’t recommend giving the Regency Art Hotel a spin.  After ownership changed hands and the hotel name changed, it began its deep plummet into obscurity, which is where it currently resides today.    


The Regency Art Hotel is located in the Northeastern tip of Taipa, right beside Altira.  It’s easy to get to from the Historic Peninsula via bus, just take any going to Taipa over the Wynn/MGM bridge and get off at the first stop.