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Rua Luis Gonzaga Gomes, Macau
Tel: (853) 2871 8718
Fax: (853) 2871 8728


No. of Rooms - 384
No. of Suites - 65
Table Games - 45
Slot Machines - 0

(Last updated: September 8, 2017)




exterior night shot of Rio Macau hotelHIGHLIGHTS


Large rooms and posh lobby - not a bad budget option at all.



In business since 2006, the Rio is an unheralded budget option in the middle of the Amizade Strip.  Sadly, for reasons I don’t understand, their sharp looking signboard was removed in 2018.

The casino is run by a third party operator on the Galaxy license, who unsurprisingly, is doing next to nothing with it.  



The Rio has become a full fledged Baccarat Hall.  Congratulations for being so insignificant! 


Baccarat - Minimums from $500 and up.

Commission Free Baccarat
-  Minimum bet is $200.

Sic Bo - 7 different bets are available.  Minimum Big/Small bet is $100.



Rio’s dead chip program returns 1% on buy ins of $10000. 

Free hotel rooms can be had at the following buy ins:



The Rio is a top budget option situated close to the Amizade Strip.  It has excellent prices for being such a nice and well-maintained hotel, and I would give it serious consideration if I were you. 



Rates are in Hong Kong dollars and include all tax and service charges.  Of particular note are the Friday and Saturday room rates, which are easily among the lowest in town.  If you want breakfast, just add $100 to the price.



I stayed in the Family Room in 2016 for an unbelievably low rate of $650 a night.  While it probably could have used a bit more furniture and decoration inside to make it more complete, we had no issues with our time there and would gladly return again.  If you're on the road with 3 or 4 friends, you'll be hardpressed to find a larger room in Macau for a cheaper price.




The Rio pool is very small but the views from the 23rd floor are pretty killer. 


Rio Hotel indoor pool on the 23rd floor Rio Macau Hotel indoor pool with deck chairs

Privately run spa on the fifth floor offers full service for $2379 to $4200, while tamer oil massage is $1498.  If you just want to use the facilities, the door pass is $988, while straight up massage is $1198 to $1398. 


Rio Sauna poster hot Asian girl in black dress in Rio Sauna poster hot Asian girl in school uniform at Rio Sauna poster

The Rio Spa is open 24 hours.


The Rio kind of flies under the radar but it has a good location, large modern rooms and great prices.  In terms of budget options in the area, you could certainly do a lot worse.  As for the casino, it's completely redundant and should be ignored altogether, like the Baccarat Hall that it is. 



The Rio is located beside the Comendador Ho Yin Gardens, one block north of the Amizade Strip.