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Avenue D'Amizade
Tel: (853) 2838 3838


No. of Rooms: 501
Table Games: 97
Slot Machines: Around 240

(Last updated: September 9, 2017)




The Whisky Bar is one of the more happening venues in town.


Good entertainment in the lobby, where you can also meet the tall tantalizing Starworld ambassadors.




Opening in 2006, Starworld used to be Galaxy’s Entertainment Group’s flagship property in Macau before being usurped by the huge Galaxy resort in 2011.  Now it’s mostly just an afterthought, and an expensive one at that, with entertainment the only thing they get right.

As for the casino, I’ve always felt that the table minimums are far too high, given its size and stature as a secondary venue.  



Baccarat - Minimum bet of $1000.
Commission Free Baccarat -  Minimum bet is only $200 on the 3rd floor.

Blackjack - Minimum bet is $300. 

Sic Bo - 9 different bets available.  Big/Small low is $300.

Slots - Starworld offers around 240 slots, with limits that max out at 5 dollars.  The 3rd floor has a ton of Live Gaming Baccarat ($20), Sic Bo ($10) and Roulette ($10), as well as electronic versions of Sic Bo ($30) and Roulette ($20).


For information on Starworld's player card, promotions, prizes and other membership information, please check out the excellent website here: GEG Rewards.  Wouldn't it be nice if every Macau casino did this for their players?


In terms of VIP gaming, I don't think Starworld offers a dead chip rolling program anymore, but I could be wrong.  If they do, it will be the same as the one at Galaxy, which returns the following commission:




You got to love the tall Starworld ambassadors that hold court in the lobby. 


beautiful tall lobby girl at Starworld Macau very cute lobby girl at Starworld Macau thin pretty lobby girl at Starworld Macau cute lobby girl at Starworld Macau beautiful lobby girl inside Starworld VIP lobby tall and thin lobby girl at Starworld Macau

Starworld rooms have become impossible to get on the weekend, so it's only an option Sunday to Thursday.  Expect to drop $1595 for a Deluxe Double room and $1815 for an Executive Double room, all tax and service charges included.



Starworld's pool is unheated and the views afforded from the 17th floor aren't anything I'd like to see again.  Way too small for my liking, both the pool and deck get a failing grade from me.


Starworld Macau outdoor pool deck chairs beside outdoor pool at Starworld Macau


Pool hours are from 8 am to 8 pm.


Starworld has a surprisingly good dining selection, headlined by Feng Wei Ju, Passion by Dubois and Jade Garden. 

Feng Wei Ju - Serving Sichuan and Hunan fare, the prices at Feng Wei Ju are excellent, considering the restaurant has two Michelin stars.  Whether they deserve those stars though is another matter.  Appetizers start from $75 to $95, while soup is $72 to $488 and noodles $72 to $148.  Meat favourites run $188 to $208 while fish is $268 to $348 and dumplings $82.


For a review of my lunch there, please click here: Feng Wei Ju

Feng Wei Ju is located on the 5th floor and keeps hours daily from 11 am to 11 pm.

exterior night shot of Starworld MacauJade Garden - Very large menu at Jade Garden with prices that are very reasonable, given the high quality of the food.  Most dishes are around $100 while their more premium counterparts still stay under $300.  For delicacies and other gourmet dishes, the prices mostly range between $598 and $798.  Located on the 6th floor, Jade Garden does food in Shanghai style.

I had a very good dinner there about a year ago, which you can read about here: Jade Garden

Jade Garden is open daily from 11 am to 3 pm and from 6 pm to 10:30 pm in the evening. 

Laurel - Laurel used to be a lot cheaper, but prices have gone up quite a bit over the years.  Appetizers run $58 to $128, while soup is $72 to $438 and chef’s specialities $118 to $358.  Seafood selections are the most expensive, with dishes $488 to $768.  Laurel serves Cantonese fare and is located on the 2nd floor.

Hours are 11 am to 11 pm daily.  On Saturday and Sunday they open an hour earlier.

Passion By Dubois - This Swiss patisserie has two locations in Macau, one in Galaxy and the other at Starworld.  Often rocking a good business, it serves a variety of sandwiches ($43 to $51), pizza ($58 to $70), sourdough pizzas ($74 to $85), pasta and lasagna ($76) and meat dishes like duck, beef, ribs and lamb ($80 to $107).  The dessert section is also extensive, featuring danishes ($15 to $22), croissants ($15), creme brûlée ($56) and tiramisu ($36). 

Located on the lobby floor beside the VIP entrance, Passion keeps hours from 8 am to 10 pm daily.

Temptations - Starworld's only Western restaurant, Temptations has scrapped their buffets and now only offers a la carte dining. 

Appetizers: $138-$208
Soup: $68-$78
Pizza: $168-$228
Main Meat Dishes: $188 to $448
Grilled: $288 to $488

Located on the 16th floor, Temptations is open everyday from 7 am to 11 pm.

Tsui Wah - Famous Hong Kong chain keeps prices low and patrons satisfied. 

Soup and appetizers: $38 to $128
Vegetables: $35 to $73
Chaozhou noodles: $48 to $52
Malaysian curry: $80 to $102
Hong Kong delicacies: $45 to $88
Platters: $126 to $228



Starworld's fitness centre is a joke, completely unbecoming of a hotel that says it has five stars.  Basically composed of free weights and cardio machines, there's next to no heavy lifting equipment.

Like the pool, gym hours are also from 8 am until 8 pm.


Entertainment happens on two fronts at Starworld, musical acts and live DJing at the Whisky Bar, and other singing and dancing shows in the lobby.   


dancing acts inside Starworld Macau lobby two girls dancing inside Starworld Macau lobby

Entertainment is one of Starworld's strong suits - most hotels and casinos in Macau don't do a thing.



Whisky Bar - Whisky Bar pulls a pretty good local crowd mostly because of their balcony section where people are allowed to smoke.  Prices are fairly standard with beers starting at $55 to $78, cocktails $68 to $98, and most hard stuff $50 to $130.  Their whisky selection is quite diverse with most shots ranging from $60 to $390 while glasses of wine are between $50 to $165.

Their current special is buy 1 get 1 free from 5 pm to 8 pm. 

shot of the Eastern Amizade Strip from the Whisky Bar at Starworld Macau shot of the Western Amizade Strip from the Whisky Bar at Starworld Macau outside patio at the Whisky Bar in Starworld Macau


Whisky Bar stays open from 5 pm to 2 am daily, and closes at 3 am on Friday and Saturday.



Starworld charges over $1500 on weekdays but probably isn't justified in doing so.  The hotel facilities aren't good enough while the shopping and casino are both substandard as well.  You can get a much better bang for your buck across the street at Landmark and save $200 to $300 a night while you're at it.  The best parts of the property are the entertainment and fun bar, but you can always stop by and check that out as a walk in visitor.



Starworld has a prime location on the Amizade Strip, surrounded by the President, Landmark, Wynn, and L'Arc.