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Avenida D'Amizade
TEL: (853) 2888 6688
FAX: (853) 2888 6699


No of rooms: 164
No of tables: 25
No of slots: 20 

(Last updated: September 5, 2017)




I'm sorry, but there aren't any.




Opening in 2003, the Waldo was Macau’s first “boutique hotel”, an ill conceived rush job that hastily converted an old warehouse into no one’s idea of style or comfort.  Spoiler alert: almost twenty years later, it’s only gotten worse.




Six years ago when I first wrote this review I suggested that Galaxy should expand the Waldo and add more games.  Of course, they went and did the exact opposite, and now the casino is more insignificant than ever.  Tables now number 25 and only two games are offered: Baccarat ($200) and Commission Free Baccarat ($100), along with Live Gaming Baccarat ($20 or $50) on the 2nd floor.  All other games have been discontinued.



Baccarat - Minimum bet is $200.  Also has Live Gaming Baccarat on the 2nd floor starting from $20.

Commission Free Baccarat - Minimums start from $100.

Slot machines -  20 machines, minimums of 5 or 10 cents.




The Waldo has no player card, but they do have a promotional chip offer.  Buy ins of over $10000 receive 0.9% cash back monthly or 0.7% immediately.  A second program settles all money daily, returning 1.0% (0.7% cash and 0.3% comp allowance.)  There’s also a buy in related to food, where $3000 receives a $30 F&B coupon while $10000 receives $120.

Free rooms at the Waldo are also available at the following buy in rates:




These rates are obscenely high for a nothing hotel like the Waldo.

Live Baccarat Card
- Live Baccarat players have a point redemption program whereby every dollar bet accrues one point.  Prizes start from 30,000 points and are underwhelming to say the least.  



Macau's first "boutique hotel" was a haphazard fly by night project that only looks worse as the years go by.  The only place I could find the rates online was at, and strangely enough, all of their room grades basically cost the same thing. 


Rates below are in Macau Mops, inclusive of all tax and service charges.


The Waldo has is down to one seafood restaurant on the third floor. 

Prince Seafood - Prince Seafood has always had a good crowd whenever I’ve stopped by.  I can’t tell you what the seafood goes for though because it’s based on daily market rates.  They also serve Western fare for $70 to $198 while rice and noodle dishes are a very economical $38 to $48.  BBQ meat, finally, runs $68 to $78. 

Prince Seafood is open from 8 am until 11 pm. 


Waldo hotel exterior at nightThis information is from a couple of years ago.  I wouldn't be surprised if the door pass costs double now.


The private East Spa Club on the 6th floor offers patrons three options.  One is to pay $493 for the door pass which allows 12 hour use of the facilities, while a second option is the 90 minute $918 oil message, which works the whole body, and I mean the whole body.  The third choice finally is full service which runs $1919 from a normal girl, $2644 from a model or $2669 from a supermodel.

If you choose full service, you can stay in the spa for 24 hours.  There's also a cheaper price of $1515 available from 9 am to 6 pm, but you have to leave before 6 pm.




An utter and absolute waste of time on every conceivable front, the Waldo shouldn't be on anyone's radar when visiting Macau.



The Waldo is located on the eastern end of the Amizade Strip, minutes away from the Macau Ferry Terminal.