Macau Food Overview + More

Foodie alert! The best restaurants in town and just what is Minchi anyway? The Maven takes you on a tour of Macau's distinctive local foods and snacks.

10 Can't Miss Dishes + More

When the buzz goes belly up and the hype fizzles - poor meals have plagued many a woebegone traveller. Stick with the food on this list though and you can't wrong - they're the Maven's 10 Can't Miss Dishes!

2018 Michelin Guide + More

Onward and upward! 18 restaurants were awarded Michelin stars in 2018, a very impressive achievement for a city that only has 650,000 people. However, all that glitters is not gold. Which restaurants deserve the accolades and which ones don't? Find out all the answers in our 2018 Michelin Guide.

Street Food Guide + More

For travellers with tighter purse strings and/or a larger sense of adventure, Macau's magnificent street food is for you. Learn all about beef organs and beef tongues, pig knuckles and pig's guts, in our exclusive Street Food Guide. We promise it tastes a lot better than it sounds!

Portuguese Wine Guide + More

Oenophile alert! For wine lovers, perhaps the best thing about visiting a former Portuguese colony is that it's very easy to find all types of Portuguese wine. From stunning reds to overlooked whites, big power ports to the magic of Madeira, this is where your trip to Macau should begin and end.