Can't Miss Dishes (6-10)+ Back

6. Curried Scottish Scallop Soup ($108) & Quilon Fish Curry ($152) at Golden Peacock



Location: Venetian Macao, Ground Floor

7. Baby Sardines ($68), Spicy Garlic Prawns ($120) & Seafood Paella ($162) at A Petisqueira



Location: Rua de S. Joao, no. 15, Taipa Village

8. Everything at Urban Kitchen ($248 to $578 for Lunch and Dinner)


Okay, maybe that’s going a little too far, but there is no better buffet in Macau at the moment than Urban Kitchen.  The seafood section is out of this world, truly phenomenal, and it's backed up by a lot of other great Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and Korean favourites. 



It’s very difficult for a buffet to both be comprehensive and of very high quality, but Urban Kitchen walks that tightrope with remarkable ease.  It's basically bulletproof and the only one you should make a point of trying when in town.


Location: Galaxy Hotel, JW Marriott Hotel, 1F

9. Rib Eye Steak ($378/12 ounce or $498/16 ounce) at Copa Steakhouse


Maybe the only steak that's any good at the Copa is the rib eye, but man, do they ever get it right.  Everything that makes a great steak great is on show with this bad boy: slightly charred crust, tantalizing texture and meat that just melts in your mouth.  Don't waste your time with any of the complementary sauces that just get in the way, because it’s perfect off the grill.  Probably just as good as any steak you've ever had in the West, the only problem is that it's priced like that too.


Location: Sands Macao, 3rd Floor

10. Desserts ($40 to $50) at Cafe Bon Bon


The Darling Diva of Desserts (my nickname), Betty Fong, cut her teeth at the Ritz-Carlton as a pastry chef in 2014, before opening Cafe Bon Bon in 2015.  With a patisserie degree from the esteemed Le Cordon Bleu in Paris she’s a force to be reckoned with, with her sweets ruining many a poor soul’s will and waistline.  And for good reason too, because they’re simply spectacular, in particular the Lavender Lemon Tart ($40), Guava Raspberry ($42), Tiramisu ($45) and Little Paris ($50).



Cafe Bon Bon also serves great soups and mains too, so by all means, make a whole meal out of it.  And when it comes time for the desserts, sit back, relax, close your eyes then take that long sweet dive into oblivion.


Location: Rua de Espectacao de Almeida No 19