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I’m sorry, I’ve never dined there

Mizumi (**) - This Japanese restaurant at Wynn Macau used to be called Okada, named after one of Steve Wynn’s ex-business partners.  After they had a falling out which ended in court, the name got changed to Mizumi.  In the 7 years I’ve been covering Macau, no one I know has ever mentioned them as a top notch dining option.  In fact, I’ve never heard anybody talk about them at all.  Sure, the fish is flown in daily from Tsukiji market in Tokyo and the beef from a ranch on Ishigaki island, but I don’t want to pay for that overhead.  Look, Mizumi might be marvellous, it might be fantastic, but someone else can go there first.


Location: Wynn Macau, GF     Phone Number: (853) 8986 3663     Price: $$$

The Kitchen (*) - As much as I’d like to try every Michelin restaurant in Macau, I have to draw the line somewhere and consider that line drawn at the Kitchen.  Back before it got its first star in 2016, I never saw anyone in the place.  It was always like stepping on to the Marie Celeste. Perhaps business has picked up a little now but the prices are still oppressive and there’s no way I’m paying $1200 for a steak.  Maybe in the next life??


Location: Grand Lisboa, 3F     Phone Number: (853) 8803 7777     Price: $$$

Shinji (*) -  Acclaimed Japanese sushi master Shinji Kanesaka has restaurants all over Asia; the one at the City of Dreams is run by his young protege, Toru Osumi.  Named one of Hong Kong and Macau’s 20 Best Restaurants by Tatler magazine, I’m going to give this one a try very soon.  Exorbitantly priced, it could well be another Dupe and Dine in the spirit of Yamazato, but that’s a risk I’m willing to take.


Location: Crown Towers, City of Dreams, GF     Phone Number: (853) 8868 7300     Price: $$$

King (*) - King is the only Michelin restaurant in Macau that isn’t located in a huge casino hotel.  Apparently they serve Cantonese food, but like Mizumi, I’ve never heard anyone talk about them.  The most anonymous Michelin starred restaurant in Macau, they don’t even have a listing on Trip Advisor.  Where there’s smoke there’s fire, and when there’s not, there’s none.  I think I have better places to be.

Location: Ground floor of the AIA Tower     Phone Number: (853) 2875 7218     Price: $$