Portuguese Food+ Back

Portuguese restaurants in Macau tend to be very consistent - and consistently good - for a very simple reason.  Many of the chefs who run them are Portuguese and were trained in Portugal, before crossing the ocean to set up restaurants here.  In fact, many of the city's most famous restaurants are Portuguese joints that have been open for 20 or 30 years, a true testament to their class and quality.  They’re often very good value too, far more economical than the gouging that goes on when sampling international fare in the big casino hotels.

Menus in Portuguese restaurants tend to be about 40% meat and 40% seafood.  Cod is a signature dish and is prepared in a multitude of ways, while octopus, sardines, squid, lobster, shrimp and prawns are also heavily featured.  Paella, or seafood rice is another popular option, with some restaurants serving it more in a soupy form.  In terms of meat, pork, beef, chicken and lamb are all standard offerings that are served everywhere. 


For desserts, be sure to try serradurra, which literally translates as “sawdust”, a type of chilled pudding.  It’s also served in ice cream form, with Taipa Village’s Gelatina Mok Yi Kei reputed to make the best kind.


1. Caldo Verde



2. Codfish Cakes   

3. Seafood Rice  


4. Duck Rice

5. Suckling Pig



6. Codfish with a Bouillabaisse Jud and Rouille



7. Mirandesa Steak 

a plate of Mirandesa Steak at Fado

8. Serradura



Here are five Portuguese restaurants that I’d like to recommend.

A Petisqueira


Remarkably consistent, A Petisquiera might be the best restaurant on this list, with reservations usually essential on peak days for lunch and dinner.  

Location: Rua de S. Joao, no. 15, Taipa Village
Phone number: (853) 2882 5354
Price: $300/person

Dom Galo


Straight out of Iberia with love, this fun colourful restaurant never disappoints.  The menu is as big as a telephone book too, so you're bound to find something you like.


Location: 32 Avenida Sir Anders Ljungstedt
Phone number: (853) 2875 1383
Price: $300/person

A Baia


Run by a husband and wife team with years of restaurant experience in Portugal, A Baia is true Portuguese food without compromise.  They don’t angle for the Asian market and it shows in their unrelenting dishes that pack a vicious punch.


Location: Rua de Londres no. 88
Phone number: (853) 2875 1465
Price: $375/person

Henri's Galley


A Macau institution that been open since the 1970’s, Henri’s Galley continues to impress to this day.


Location: 4G-H Avenida da Republica
Phone number: (853) 2855 6251
Price: $300/person



Located on the sleepy shores of Hac Sa Beach, Miramar is the top choice in town for large group dining.  Their servings sizes have been known to kill a man or two, so make sure to bring plenty of backup and a big appetite.


Location: Zona Norte, Praia de Hac Sa
Phone number: (853) 2888 2623
Price: $300/person


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