The Maven+ Back

I’ve had many handles in my short life: Killer, Vegas, Mac Outlaw, The Truth, The Myth, The Peril, The Black Hat, The Master of Disaster, and now, The Maven.

I was born on August 17th, 1978 in Mississauga, Ontario, a place I've come to affectionately call the City of Stagnation.  In 2001 I graduated from the University of Toronto with an English degree, and somehow found myself in China soon after.  What was originally supposed to be a one year deal turned into ten and I’ve been here ever since.  For work, I’ve primarily taught English and been an IELTS examiner, before switching gears to focus on this website and Macau.

A large part of my life (perhaps sadly) revolves around wine and music, sports and chess.  I’m also interested in travel, history, and photography.

If you wish to contact me, hit me up at

Here are a few of my photos through the years while on the job in Macau.


Coming down from Monte Fort, 2012 At one of my favorite places in Macau, Lilau Square, 2013 At Monte Fort with a trusted agent, the lovely Yang Jie, 2011 At Dom Pedro Theatre, looking like a terrorist, 2012


At My Home Away from Home, the San Va, 2012 At the Maritime Museum, I think we look pretty similar, 2013 Wandering around Taipa Village, 2015 Lunch at A Petisquiera, wondering why I can't take a photo, 2015 Build me two women, make them 10 feet tall, Rocking it on the Broadway, 2016


Lunch with the Mavenettes at A Baia, 2015 Qi Meng is looking a little sinister with that instrument in her hand.  Dinner with the Mavenettes at Urban Kitchen, 2015 Four days into the trip, and I'm looking dirty and dishevelled.  Jane and I on Pen Ha Hill, 2015 Now with a proper smile, Penha Hill, 2015