World Heritage+ More

Many of Macau's oldest and most spectacular attractions have been granted World Heritage Site status by the United Nations, meaning they are of special cultural or physical importance. A must see for all visitors, I'm happy to share the top 25 sites.

Churches+ More

The oldest churches in Macau date all the way back to the city's foundation in the 16th Century. A common victim of fire, only 19 of them still remain today.

Temples+ More

Incense and idols, dragons and deities, a delightful tour of Macau's masterful temples and shrines.

Museums+ More

The Maven ranks all 21 museums in Macau, ranging from three stars (must visits) to zero stars (avoid at all costs).

Parks and Beaches+ More

Click here for an overview of Macau's best parks and beaches, with highlights that include Lou Lim Ieoc Garden, the Giant Panda Pavilion and Hac Sa Beach.

Other Attractions+ More

The best of the rest in Macau.