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Macau's two beaches are both located in sleepy Coloane.


Cheoc Van Beach

Compared to Hac Sa Beach, Cheoc Van Beach is less frequently visited.  Normally there are more people swimming in public pool by the beach than at the beach itself.


shoreline and water at Cheoc Van Beach public swimming pool at Cheoc Van Beach man sitting on the beach at Cheoc Van Beach


If you fancy a stay near Cheoc Van Beach, the very good Pousada de Coloane is only footsteps away.  For a review of my stay there, please follow the link to Trip Report II.

Hac Sa Beach

Hac Sa Beach, or “Black Sand” in Chinese, is Macau’s main swimming destination, mainly because there are more things to do in the area.  Besides swimming, there are a few parks and playgrounds nearby, as well as restaurants, roadside barbecue stalls, and picnic areas.  While the water at Hac Beach and Cheoc Van Beach is clean, it sometimes appears to be muddy brown, due to silt from the Pearl River.

Hac Sa Beach in Coloane Macau man cooking at a roadside barbecue stall at Hac Sa Beach little girl sitting on the rocks at Hac Sa Beach


Mu Yi and I spent an afternoon there during Trip Report II.


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