Trip Report I - Mar 2012+ More

Follow the Maven and Mu Yi as they take Macau by storm for three days in March 2012.

Trip Report II - Aug 2012+ More

The Maven and Mu Yi do it again five months later as they celebrate the Maven's 34th birthday.

Trip Report III - Jan 2014+ More

The Maven flies solo for the final Trip Report, a 4 day tour de force in January 2014.

2012 Drunken Dragon Festival+ More

Join the Maven, Qi Meng and A Ping as they dance with the Drunken Dragon.

2012 Our Lady Of Fatima Festival+ More

The Maven takes a walk on the wild side with the Virgin Mary, as she makes her annual pilgrimage from St. Dominic's Church to Penha Church.

2014 St. Anthony Procession+ More

Another Macau procession, this one featuring St. Anthony, the patron saint of lost things and lost people. Sounds like a perfect one for the Maven!