Day 3: Kira+ Back

Kira is one of four restaurants found inside the Altira hotel, located in the northeastern part of Taipa, close to the University of Macau.  Only open at night, Kira deals in pricy Japanese buffet, and from what I can tell, it’s the most expensive one in Macau, running $650 a head, or just over $100 US dollars.  Before you let those prices scare you off, the standard price I pay in a Japanese restaurant for a la carte is usually between $400 and $500, and obviously that food isn’t unlimited. 


Basically, there are two questions you need to ask yourself before going to Kira: how much do you like Japanese food and how hungry are you?  Mu Yi and I intentionally only had egg tarts for lunch, so we were more than ready to go.  We attacked the buffet line hard, and filled our plates up without pity or remorse.  Looking at the pictures now I feel a bit like glutton in retrospect, but $1300 was no small price to pay for two, and we’d gladly do the same thing again.


Both of us thought the variety of food offered at Kira was pretty impressive.  All of the standard Japanese dishes accounted for, namely sushi, sashimi, teppanyaki, tempura, lobster, beef, shrimp. prawns, oysters, etc.  The majority of it was seafood, and the majority of it was very good.  A few things like the beef, tiger prawns and lobster needed to be specially ordered from the chef, so those items took a bit more time, but there were no restrictions on how many times you could order them.  A little tip: if you want to make sure you get your money’s worth and more, then just load up on that premium fare.



Perhaps my only complaint with the buffet was that there wasn’t much variety among the selections.  Six different kinds of sushi would have been better than the three they had, the same goes for the sashimi and the teppanyaki.  The dessert section also could have been larger and more comprehensive too.  As far as buffets go though, it’s hard to make an argument that it’s overpriced and not worth it though, considering how expensive Japanese restaurants normally are as a rule.  Just be sure you’re good and hungry though before you go. 

After dinner, Mu Yi and I snuck up to the 12th floor for Altira’s excellent Italian restaurant Aurora.  Treating ourselves to nice little nightcap, I introduced her to one of my favourite white wines, the Chimera Trebbiana, which I’ve only been able to find at Aurora.  Just as we did on the first day of the first Trip Report some four months back, we drank to another very enjoyable day in Macau.




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