Day 1: Litoral+ Back

After the museum it was time for dinner at Litoral and I was finally hungry, a good 24 hours later.  Open since 1995, the restaurant literally translates into "face the sea", something it used to do many moons ago, but not anymore.  Only about 5 minutes away from the Maritime Musuem up Rua do Almirante Sergio, Mu Yi and I arrived at about 6 pm.




My first impression of the restaurant was that it was a lot like our hotel.  Quite obviously an old house before, Litoral's walls have the same blue pictorial tiles (called azulejos) as Pousada de Mong Ha, while the service and ambiance were every bit as warm and welcoming.  Our evening will forever be remembered as the first time in Mu Yi's life that she felt good from drinking wine.  Halfway through the meal she sat there visibly bewildered, wondering aloud why she suddenly felt so warm and where this feeling could come from.  I just smiled and said, Yeah, good food, friends and wine can kind of do that to people.



And what good food it was!  The highlights of our dinner were the chicken soup and both of the main dishes, grilled lamb chop and stewed duck.  Both were fabulous and very filling, especially when put together with all the rice we were given.  The codfish salad was also very tasty too.  After all the wine we had (around $300), our bill still came to a very respectable $1133, including all tax and service charges.  I give Litoral my strong endorsement, an easy 5 stars out of 5, especally if you want to try legitimate Macanese cuisine.    

After paying the bill we headed back to the hotel to check out the Pousada's Educational Bar/Restaurant.  Somehow, someway that restaurant used to be ranked number 1 in all of Macau on Trip Advisor, something I always found very hard to believe.  Anyway, the vibe inside is pretty cool, especially in the slick blue lounge section by the wine room doors.  Kicking back there with a nightcap, Mu Yi and I drank to a very productive first day of the trip.


Pousada de Mong Ha water fountain and azelujo at night outdoor patio of the Educational Restaurant  lounge section at the Educational Restaurant in Macau the Maven drinking a Macau beer at the Educational Restaurant in Macau


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