Sun March 5+ Back

The next day everyone reconvened at Cathedral for a service the began at 4 pm.


I stood way up at the front, a little way off to the right hand side.  When I covered my first Procession in 2012, I showed a little respect and hung out at the back, not wanting to interfere too much with the proceedings.  Respect its a noble trait and all but it gets you nowhere when you’re trying to get good shots, so I did away with that this time, and got as close as I could, reminiscent of Jane Law during the 2014 St. Anthony Procession, who bullied her way to the front and was two feet away from the priest sometimes.  I think a couple of the clergy members didn't appreciate my presence too much which their cold gazes clearly signify, but so be it.  Anyway, the highlight of the sermon seemed to be when a woman in white stood on a chair and unfurled a Jesus banner, to the delight of everyone in the room.



At 4:45 pm the procession began and there were probably twice the amount of participants compared to Saturday night.



Everyone filed out according to rank, with the foot soldiers first and the royalty last.




They retraced their steps from the previous evening, taking the same route back thought Senado Square to St. Dominic Church.  Afterwards, they continued along Rua S. Domingos to Pedro Nolasco da Silva. 




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