Sun March 5 (end)+ Back

Once they got to Rua do Campo they turned right, and headed back towards Cathedral



On the Praia Grande, the Procession stopped again to pray for a second time.



At Calcado de S. Joao they turned right and made their way up to the Cathedral, where the Procession had started an hour earlier. 



By the time they got back to Senado Square, it was nearly 6:10 pm.




Before entering St. Dominic Church, everyone knelt and prayed for a third time, their journey almost complete.




Personally speaking, I enjoy the Fatima Procession a lot more, even though this one is generally considered to be more spectacular, something I saw no evidence of.  The Fatima one happens at night and I think the route is better, winding South along the Praia Grande, Avenida Republica and then up Barra Hill.  It also feels a lot more intimate too, especially when the devotees start singing as they close in on Penha Church.  Of course for the religious minded I’m sure they'll enjoy both Processions equally well.  I always just play the part of a curious spectator trying to make some magic happen with a camera. 


If you'd like to see more pictures of this event, just follow the link here to the Photobook: 2017 Passion of Our Lord Procession.