Day 3: Pousada de Coloane+ Back

From one Pousada to another. 




Pousada de Coloane is located next to Choec Va Beach, the southernmost point of (the former) Coloane island.  In my view, it’s everything Pousada de Sao Tiago wants to be but isn’t, at a third of the cost.  If you want true seclusion, romance, and Portuguese influence, then this is a place to go, all for under $1000 a night on weekdays.  Of course the rooms aren’t as big or as nice as the Sao Tiago’s, but I probably prefer them, with their wicked bitching balconies and kick ass views of Choec Va Beach.  The bathrooms also come fully loaded with a Jacuzzi that actually works, which is no sure thing in any hotel.  Like the rooms at another Pousada on Macau peninsula, Pousada de Mong Ha, the rooms at Pousada de Coloane have a sort of rustic charm about them that’s simple and endearing.  While they’re not luxurious in any way, we found them to be quite comfortable.


Another nice part about the hotel is the outdoor terrace adjacent to the restaurant and pool.  It’s an excellent place to do nothing but sit back, relax and enjoy the silence.  In fact, that’s the main reason I love Coloane so much, because it’s so quiet.  I’ve walked along the main road linking Coloane Village with Hac Sa Beach many times and never saw a single soul around.  It was always just me and the buses, along with a few cars.  If you want to use your time in Macau to really get away from it all, then Coloane is the place to be.  The whole of the island basically just consists of hiking trails, green spaces, parks and beaches.




It terms of what Pousada de Coloane offers, it basically has the same amenities as Pousada de Santiago: one pool, one restaurant and no spa.  Room rates are excellent for a beachfront hotel, with prices under $1000 Sunday to Thursday and only touching $1200 on Friday and Saturday.  If you want a room with two beds, it'll cost a little bit extra, but not much.



(Don't forget to add another 15% for tax and service charges.)

One thing you need to keep in mind about the hotel is its location.  If you’re going to be spending most of your time on the old Peninsula, then obviously it’s quite far out.  While buses are cheap, the routes aren’t always easy to understand, especially for tourists new to the city.  For what it's worth though, there is a bus stop right outside the hotel that will take you to Coloane Village, the Cotai Strip, Taipa, and finally central Macau.  Coloane Village and the Cotai Strip are accessible by every bus that stops for $6, which is the standard fare city wide.  (Keep in mind, you need to pay in coins and you won’t get back any change.  The desk staff at the hotel can help you break bills if you need them to.)  Bus 15 hits principal destinations in Taipa like the Jockey club and Taipa Village (the Rua de Cunha stop).  If you want to go to downtown Macau, the 21A ends up at A Ma Temple while the 25 hits central locations like the Lisboa, Rua de Campo and Lou Lim Ieoc Park before finishing up at the Border Gate.  Bus times vary as well with intervals between 15 to 30 minutes, so you might have to wait awhile.  If you prefer to call a taxi instead, fares to Senado Square might run around $135 so prepare yourself for that pain and budget accordingly.

While Mu Yi and I both enjoyed the hotel, there are few issues you need to be aware of.  The Wifi is extremely hit or miss, especially on the first floor, while the breakfast is a bit of an embarrassment.  I wouldn’t even call it mainland quality, it’s that atrocious.  The Portuguese restaurant isn’t up to par either, a victim of poor business and declining standards; some nights I doubt they get any patrons at all.  If you want to eat in this part of town, your best bet is to head to Coloane Village, for Nga Tim or Espaco Lisboa


I also think the “rustic charm” of the hotel is another potential warning sign. Rustic charm is only rustic charm to a certain point until it crosses the line and becomes something completely gross and disgusting altogether.  The Pousada de Coloane has been around for well over 40 years now, and without proper vigilance from management, it’s ripe to go downhill fast.  While our stay there was very good, and I didn’t see any evidence of it, a couple of online reviews this year have started highlighting the potential cracks.  If management stays on top of things though and toes the line, then the hotel should continue to be one of the better value options in the city.   I’ve stayed there many times since I first wrote this review in 2012 and never had a bad experience.


After checking in, Mu Yi and I set our sights on the next destination of the day, Hac Sa Beach.  Not wanting to wait around for a bus, we walked it instead, and got there about 20 minutes later at 4 pm.  


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