Macau For Children+ Back

Macau isn’t the best place in the world to visit if you’re on the road with little ones.  There’s no Disneyland or similar type of large scale attraction designed specifically for them, so I don’t know how much they'll like the city, if at all.  It definitely appeals a lot more to adults, with its heavy emphasis on casinos, dining, shopping, nightlife, history and spas.  At the same time however, Macau is working hard to become a more well rounded tourist destination for people of all ages, children included.  Here are a few places that they should enjoy visiting.

The Cotai Strip

The biggest reason Macau is becoming much more family friendly is because of the monster hotels on the Cotai Strip



Almost every large hotel there offers a special Kids Zone play area for children aged 2 to 15.  Basically one large interactive playground, activities include arcade games, racing slides, climbing facilities, air cannons, costume play, drawing and craftwork. 



Here’s a chart listing prices for both children and their parents.  Please note that the rate for the Kids Club at Galaxy is for 3 hours and not 2, while there is no time limit at the Warner Bros Fun Zone.



As for individual hotels and what they offer, the Venetian holds frequent exhibitions, some of which may appeal to children, such as Ice World, which is almost becoming an annual event.  Across the street at the City of Dreams, the House of Dancing Water has been wowing audiences of all ages since 2010, while Studio City is home to two attractions that children are sure to enjoy: the figure 8 Ferris Wheel Golden Reel, and the 4D Dark Knight Batman Ride.  And of course after the Parisian opened in 2016, Macau now has an Eiffel Tower too.


House of Dancing Water at City of Dreams Batman flying through a wall at Studio City Eiffel Tower at the Parisian Macao

The best place to stay at if you have kids is one of the hotels at the Galaxy, since it will give you access to the Grand Resort Deck, a 75,000 square meter water amusement park rocking river rides, wave pools, waterslides, rapids and Macau’s largest aquatic zone for children.  Guests staying across the road at Broadway can sometimes use the Grand Resort Deck too, depending on the time of year and if there's a special on. 

Planet J


Located at Sands Cotai on the Cotai Strip, Planet J is an interactive theme park, the first one of its kind in the world.  Designed for children aged 5 to 14, they move from station to station completing different quests and journeys, with the aid of a magic scroll (iPad). 



Reviews are mixed, with most praising the concept, costumes and layout, but criticizing how boring the tasks and games are.  Staff seemed to admit as much to me, saying they’re always looking for ways to improve and make Planet J a better experience for children.  I don’t know if it’s worth it or not, but tickets cost $150 per person and finishing all 7 chapters on the magic scroll might take 4 to 5 hours.


The Pandas at Saec Van Park

Macau’s Giant Panda Pavilion is located inside Saec Van Park, a little ways south of the Cotai Strip.  Home to two Giant Pandas, two baby pandas, and two red pandas, the best time to go is right when it opens at 10 am, to catch them eating breakfast.  (The baby pandas can only be viewed on Sundays from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm.)  Children 12 and under and seniors 65 and above get in for free, while everyone else has to pay $10.  The money from ticket sales is used to promote panda conservation worldwide.


Giant Panda at Macau's Giant Panda Pavilion Two baby pandas at Macau's Giant Panda Pavilion Red Panda at Macau's Giant Panda Pavilion

Several buses service Saec Van Park including the 15, 21A, 25, 26 and 26A.

Hours are from 10 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 5 pm.  The Giant Panda Pavilion is closed on Mondays. 

For more information, please follow the link to the Giant Panda Pavilion website.
The Science Centre

Perhaps a good two hour diversion, Macau’s Science Center is a hit with children of all ages, mixing fun with science in exhibits that include robotics, eco conservation, food science and space.  Even younger visitors aged 3 to 8 should have a blast in the Children Science and Fun Science Galleries, two themed playgrounds made just for them.  The Science Center is also home to a Planetarium with a huge tilted dome screen that explores the mysteries of the cosmos in both 2D and 3D.



Hours are from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm daily except on Thursdays when it’s closed.  Tickets cost $25 for adults and $15 for children under 11.

Located behind the Sands, many buses frequent the Science Center including the 3A, 8, 10A and 12.

For more information about the Science Centre, please follow the link to Trip Report III.

Communications Museum

The Communications Museum isn’t the first place I’d go to on this list, mostly because it’s so hard to get to, located up by the Reservoir and the Islamic Mosque and Cemetery.  If you make the effort however, children aged 7 to 12 should get a kick out of making their own stamps, postcards and playing with the Flight Simulator.  They also might enjoy looking at all of the outdated technology and equipment that were cutting edge in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 00’s.   

Extremely affordable, tickets are only $10 for adults and $5 for students. 

For more information about the Communications Museum, please have a look at Trip Report III.

Hours: 9:30 am to 5:30 pm, Closed on Monday      How to Get There:  Bus #18
Future Bright Amusement Park

Future Bright Amusement Park is geared mostly toward local families, but if your kids love arcade games, bowling and ice skating, it might be worth visiting for an hour or two.  Only $55 to ice skate and between $22 and $30 to bowl, the price is certainly right and there’s also a McDonalds on the premises when it’s time to refuel.


Located around the corner from the Protestant Cemetery in the direction of Kiang Wu Hospital, just be on the lookout for the McDonald’s sign and you’re there. 

Address: Praca Luis de Camos      Hours: 10 am to 10:30 pm (ice rink)
                                                            10 am to 11:00 pm (arcade)
                                                            10 am to 1:00 am (bowling alley)

Macau Tower

Granted, Macau Tower is included on my list of Overrated Attractions, but it might not be a bad place to take children.  The Observation Deck on the 58th Floor is 223 meters above ground level, and affords fantastic 360 degree views of Macau, Taipa, and mainland China (at least when the weather co-operates.)  Tickets are $135 for adults and $70 for children aged 3 to 11. 

A number of buses service the tower, including the 9A, 18, 23, 26, 32 and MT4.

Hours: 10 am to 9 pm (Monday to Friday)   9 am to 9 pm (Saturday and Sunday)