Nightlife+ Back

I lost interest in the clubbing scene 10 years ago.  Or perhaps you could say I just got old.  Regardless, my man in the field Carbine hits it hard and he’s got Macau nightlife cased.  Here’s all you need to know about what happens after-hours. 


1. Only Wednesday (Ladies Night) and Saturday are sure to be busy. After that Friday and surprisingly Sunday (many overseas workers get an off day on Monday)

2. Macau is Late Night - the earliest the action gets going is 10.30 and some venues don't get lively until well after 1 am

3. Yes there are lots of hookers but far less than only a few years ago. Westerners please differentiate - not all attractive Asian women are hookers. There are no excuses for inappropriate behaviour just because you are in Asia. And just about every minute of action in clubs in Macau will be instantaneously on FaceBook and YouTube LOL

An influx of naive Western guys who assume that all sexily dressed women are hookers leads to problems. If you are a new visitor reading this remember that many of the people in the clubs are reasonably, if not very well-paid workers from hotels and the travel industry. If you misbehave the local community and the security staff will close down on you very quickly. Have fun but be safe please.

There are really only 7 venues in total:



Serious Clubbing - but more Disco than Hard Core. New venue at Fisherman's Wharf is good and the entertainment starts late. Regular complaint is that the entrance/security is racist. It is!!! I can get in wearing shorts but S E Asian friends wearing the same clothes will be turned away. The security guys are mostly Nepalese and are really nice guys but they are under instructions. If not Caucasian or Chinese dress smartly. Avoid if it is wet (unlikely in November). The transport/taxis are hard to come by in this area. Remember it is only a short but non-signposted walk from Sands.

I am told by local friends that D2 was empty on Friday night. I also hear that the staff are finding it difficult to earn a decent living being constantly told to turn up late for a short shift.

The adjacent new Harbourview Hotel is about to open and may add visitors to The Fisherman’s Wharf Complex. But at the moment D2 is an enigma. The distant location is discouraging locals especially when it may be closed when you arrive!



Classy venue in The City of Dreams. This gets the most varied reviews. Again it a Discoey Club. It is a big venue. If busy it is as good as anywhere in Asia. But mostly it can be like the Marie Celeste.




Chinese - big - club almost next to D2. Probably best left to Chinese unless you are feeling adventurous. Staff are mostly Pinoy and they will advise if you are likely to be a "misfit".



Scores number one on Tripadvisor. Be quite clear it is a Gentleman's Club = Pole Dancing. It is classy - if that is possible for Pole Dancing - and in a great location, Unless of very liberal persuasion it is not the place for a mixed gathering. To be clear I do like it but we are part of the community in Macau and are pretty immune from being "pestered" here, so it can be a bit of off piste amusement.

Finally in November there is a wild card, and that is Hong Kong Stag Parties. These are usually large groups of wealthy upscale Brits. Early in the night they can create a good party atmosphere,..... but they are best avoided by the time they get to D2 or Cubic in the late early hours.

In summary Macau nightlife can be down to the luck of the draw. But if you don't follow the above timings and are looking for a crowd you will likely be disappointed. As an example I came across 2 cool Western guys coming out of D2 at 12.30 on a Friday. They said what is wrong with Macau. We heard D2 was lively. We have been here 2 nights running and the club is dead. I said you are 2 hours to early - but in the state they were already in they would have struggled to make it 1am. By 2 am the place was heaving.