Taboo (end)+ Back

(Last updated: November 1, 2015)


Taboo has returned to the City of Dreams Club Cubic for its 3rd run, but if you ask me, it’s trending in the wrong direction.  The first one was pretty good while I thought the second one was cheap and lame.  I don’t know how this third incarnation will fare, but I wouldn’t expect too much if I were you. 


Ticket prices are similar to before, ranging between $380 to $980 while the show runs 5 nights a week, from Tuesdays to Saturdays at 9:30 pm.


Here's a review of the 2nd Taboo show from 2013 and 2014.


sexy Taboo diva


Taboo is back at the City of Dreams for a second run, less than a year after the original show debuted in the summer of 2012. Franco Dragone, the same man responsible for the House of Dancing Water, is back at the helm again for this 80 minute cabaret style production, marketed as "the show of secret fantasies". Performances run six days a week until October 5th, while ticket prices range from $580 to $980 Tuesday to Friday, and $680 to $1180 on Saturday night.  Everything but the $580 and $680 tickets, which are standing room only, comes with a free glass of champagne.


Taboo is composed of about 15 different chereographed acts, most of which involve some combination of song, dance, stunts or acrobatics. The show is trying to replicate the Grand Lisboa's Crazy Paris Show or Galaxy's China Rouge, but wants to push the envelope to explore themes which are sexier, seedier and more scintillating.

The show, for me, was extremely disappointing. Take any bad movie you've ever seen, replace the cast with a list of Hollywood A liners, and the movie still won't be very good. That's a little of what's happening with Taboo. While it's clear the performers are all top notch professionals who have developed good chemistry working together, and there's excellent music, costume and lighting backing them up, "the show of secret fantasies" fails to deliver a performance that is either titallating or interesting. Instead, the show deals in a series of overdone and overused cliches, and does so in a needlessly gratuitous and over the top manner. I mean, you can't just put a blindfolded gimp on stage and think you've conjured someone's secret desire. You can't just have scantily clad performers dropping hints of bondage and domination and think you're doing something forbidden, let alone something artistic. Very little of the show is original and almost none of it is taboo, which is why it fails for me.


There are other issues as well. They have the audacity to charge people $40 to check baggage, which is absolutely indefensible behaviour considering the show is in the City of Dreams and people can check things in at the casino or any one of the three hotels for free. The complimentary glass of champagne I had tasted more like apple cider and I couldn't even finish it. Waiters and waitresses were also slow to react, so I gave up ordering anything else after that.


"Build it and they will come" is what the Sands CEO said about casinos in Macau recently. I think the same situation applies for shows as well. Macau is so starving for entertainment that Taboo has become a hit, mostly because outside of the House of Dancing Water, there's nothing else on. It's not worth your time or money though, it's not taboo, it's a tease, it's a rip off.