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The Cotai Strip has phenomenal entertainment. The House of Dancing Water has been packing audiences since first opening in 2010, while international star power shuffles in and out of the Cotai Arena next door at the Venetian on a regular basis.  When it's time to club, Pacha Macau at Studio City burns the city down every Friday and Saturday night, while Galaxy brings 1930's Shanghai back to life in one of the hippest lounges in Asia, the ultrachic China Rouge.  Club Cubic is another happening venue, and occasionally home to the super seductive, no holds barred, hit cabaret performance Taboo.  When it's time to hit the town, get down on the Cotai Strip!


Club Cubic Pacha Macau China Rouge 


On the flip side, if creative endeavours are more your thing, then you've got a friend for life in the Macau government.  Every month they stage and promote a wide range of cultural shows and exhibitions, most of them free of charge.  You name it and Macau does it: Chinese opera, poetry sessions, traditional dance, film screenings, art exhibitions etc.  For information just head to any tourist office and pick up the free "What's On” newsletter for a schedule of upcoming events.  Alternatively you can also check online here: What's On


7. SHOP! 


We admit that Macau is no Hong Kong, but then again where is?  If you want it, Macau will still have it, and at prices much lower than other cities in the region.  The mega hotels are full of upmarket boutiques selling all the high end fashion, clothes and beauty accessories you'll ever need, while downtown Macau deals in all kinds of electronics, jewellery, porcelain and antiques.  When the shopping bug hits, scratch that itch in Macau! 

The Shoppes at Four Seasons Macau Louis Vuitton One Central Mall Macau Gucci




The early Portuguese who developed Macau may be long gone, but their spirit, passion and faith still remain, preserved in the bricks and bells of the beautiful grand churches that grace the Historic Quarter.  Building a city from scratch on the other side of an Empire was no excuse to build it badly, and the Portuguese certainly did not, as the best of their churches clearly attest; in particular, St. Dominic's, St. Lawrence, and St. Joseph’s


statue of a saint from St Joseph Seminary in Macau incense burners at Lin Fung Temple Macau


And while most visitors are drawn to Macau's churches first, the city's temples shouldn't be ignored.  There are a number of excellent ones, with A Ma Temple, Lin Fung Temple, Kun Iam Temple and Pou Tai Un Monastary exceptional examples.


Of course the most ironic thing is that even though most of Macau's religious sites are very old, they've been excellently maintained, save of course for the most famous church in the city, St. Paul's, which burned down 180 years ago!




There's a great line from a Macau tourist brochure that goes something like this: "Macau is such a living museum that it hardly needs to build them, but it does and the results are extraordinary."  Indeed!  Macau's 20 museums highlight every facet of the city's unique colourful history.  From opium pipes to fishing boats, Grand Prix racers to Taipa houses, it's an eclectic journey through over 450 years of East-West cultural mixing and mishmash, all for $15 or less.


Racing car at Macau Grand Prix Museum Macau Museum puppet exhibit


Top museums include Macau Museum, the Art Museum, the Maritime Museum, and the Grand Prix Museum.




Okay okay, we know that Macau's new 5 star hotels like the Wynn, Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton etc leave little to be desired.  In terms of comfort, service, and modern amenities, they're second to none and visitors are pretty much assured a great holiday experience. 


Pousada de Coloane Standard Room Pousada de Coloane Macau balcony


However, nothing about them screams Macau, which is why we recommend trying a Portuguese Pousada (aka "Inn") instead.  Smaller, more intimate and decked out in true Mediterranean style, Pousadas offer a more authentic Macau experience at half the price of the city’s new five star hotels.  And as an added bonus, breakfast is often free. 


Pousada de Mong Ha breakfast buffet Pousada de Mong Ha hallway


There are two Pousadas we'd like to recommend: Pousada de Mong Ha and Pousada de Coloane.  And while not a Pousada in name, the Lisboa is another hotel with distinct Macau style and characteristics that’s worth checking out.