Viva La Broadway (end)+ Back

(Last updated: June 5, 2017)


Viva La Broadway is a total waste of time and if you’re considering seeing it when you’re in Macau, you’re making a mistake.  Basically made for tour groups and no one else, it’s a pointless 45 minute cabaret performance that would probably be free casino entertainment if it were in Las Vegas.  Instead tickets cost as much as $380 a pop, an obscenely high number for a show that fails to captivate and is over just as soon as it begins.

Okay, so the singers are good and the dancers are good and there’s a light show that maybe looks high tech and the mime is absolutely hilarious… but the show is still only 45 minutes long, the theatre’s 90% empty and what’s the point of going all the way to Broadway and paying for any of that?

Here's what I say: Viva La Broadway!  Viva La Bore!

There are a lot better ways to spend your time in Macau.