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Macau’s culinary scene cased, with vital info on restaurants, chefs, local food, snacks & wine

Visit Macau’s top spots: UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Churches, Temples, Museums & Parks

In depth reviews of all 31 Macau casinos, with insight into games, bets, hotels, dining, pools & more

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No one should ever step onto a casino floor unless they know what they’re doing first.

As such, the Maven has prepared a concise overview of the Macau gaming scene, where you’ll learn vital information about VIP programs, house edge, optimal strategy, perks, promotions, and player cards.

Find out which casinos are best, which games to avoid, and how to maximize your odds of winning money in the largest gambling hub in the world.

If you’re not sure what to do in Macau or how to get around, we’ve got good news for you!  The Maven is here to personally ensure that your trip goes off without a hitch.

First, we’ll collaborate on a custom made travel plan based on your individual needs and interests, then we’ll put that plan into motion once you arrive in town. Don’t call it a tour – it’s a Meet and Greet, and what better way to see Macau than with the Maven himself??

Remember though, the wine just might be on you!!