The Maven of Macau came into being on May 1st, 2020, the culmination of a process that began in 2011, when I was hired by the Wizard of Odds to write casino reviews for his Macau website, the Wizard of Macau. Through that work I came to know Macau quite well and developed an affinity for the city, so much so that I spent the n…

I’ve had many handles in my short life: Killer, Vegas, Mac Outlaw, The Truth, The Myth, The Peril, The Black Hat, The Master of Disaster, and now, The Maven.

I was born on August 17th, 1978 in Mississauga, Ontario, a place I’ve come to affectionately call the City of Stagnation.

The Team

Web Designer | Mobile Design | Sketch Expert

I’d like to think that Maven of Macau is a good looking website, and Veronica Zhukovskaya was the creative force behind it. She took my rudimentary sketches and made them come to life, creating something original and beautiful in the process. An expert at executing clean, neat and modern design, she has expertise working with Adobe Photoshop, Sketch App, Axure, Figma, Moqups, and Adobe Xd.

WordPress Speed Optimization | SEO Expert

Slow websites destroy websites and prior to Amir's help, Maven of Macau might have been the slowest site on the internet. Gt Metrix load times were often between 12 and 20 seconds, and I was hitting the bottle pretty hard. Then Amir came along and within two days most pages were blazing fast, scoring under 2 seconds, no matter the size. One essential truth: Speed kills, and Amir is the speed maven!

WordPress Developer | Laravel Developer

My nickname for Sadhana is the “Cleaner”, after she used a fresh approach to put the critical finishing touches on the Home Page, Food Guide and Travel Guide. A professional web developer, she has over 6 years experience working with PHP, Laravel framework, MYSQL administration and WordPress. A rising star on Upwork, the sky's the limit for Sadhana, and she'll be of great help to any project you have, big or small!