Casa Real

General Information

Address: Avenida do Dr Rodrigo Rodrigues, No. 1118
Number of Rooms: 381
Number of Tables: 30
Slot Machines: Zero


  • Well maintained budget hotel near the Macau Ferry Terminal.
  • Good casino with fun vibes and low minimums.

Maven Meter: Casa Real Casino & Hotel

(Last Updated: April 27, 2024)


Since May 2005, Casa Real has been controlled by Golden Resorts Group, a gaming and hotel company based out of Hong Kong.  It’s one of two four star hotels they own in Macau, with the other being Grandview down in Taipa.

Both hotels have aged quite well and Golden Resorts should be commended for the fine job they’ve done restoring and maintaining them.  Casa Real looks years better than most hotels that were built in 1993, and it’s probably the third best place to stay around the Ferry Terminal, behind only the Grand Lapa and Legend Palace.

Casa Real Photo Gallery

Casa Real Hotel
Casa Real Hotel (before they built a pedestrian bridge right in front of it)
Casa Real Casino
Casa Real Casino
Casa Real Hotel lobby
Hotel Lobby
Casa Real Coimbra azulejo
Coimbra Azulejo


Casa Real is a happening little casino that probably doesn’t get the respect it deserves.  Denigrated for years as a “mainland haunt”, I’ve never understood the hate.  Always alive with action, the floor is fun and upbeat, while the dealers are unusually friendly for Macau, happy to smile and banter with the players.

I actually should thank one of them because I only sat down at her table after she motioned me over to have a seat, then raised the glass window above her chips.  Attracted by her good looks I sat down and then proceeded to win about $10,000, aided strongly by a run of 17 consecutive Banker wins.  That was an incredible streak I don’t think I’ll ever experience again and I owe it all to her and Casa Real.

The casino takes up just one floor now and only four games are available: Baccarat ($300), Commission Free Baccarat ($200), Fan Tan ($100-$300) and Sic Bo ($50).  Perhaps in the future, the 2nd and 3rd floors will re-open again, which is where their Slots, Live Baccarat and Electronic Games were before.  In the past, Slots started at 5 cents, while Live Baccarat was $20 and Electronic Roulette only $10.


Sadly their $100 Blackjack is no longer available.

Baccarat – Minimum bet is $300.

Commission Free Baccarat – Minimum bet is $200.

Fan Tan – 2 tables. $100 minimum Fam, Nim, Kwok bet, $200 Nga Tan, $300 Sheh Sam Hong. 

Sic Bo – Big/Small, Even/Odd bets are just $50, which is the lowest in town.  Absolutely LOVE the old school Sic Bo tables that still have Portuguese written on them.


Like their casino, Casa Real’s promotions have been cut substantially as well.

The casino’s dead chip program consists of three tiers.  For amounts rolled between $1,000 and $1,999,999, the cash back return is 1.0%.  From $2,000,000 to $4,999,999 it jumps up to 1.05%, while anything over $5,000,000 earns 1.20%.

A 1.0% rate of return is quite decent considering the program starts from just $1,000.

Free hotels room can be had with the following buy ins.

Sunday to Thursday

Friday and Saturday

The last thing I saw on offer was a dining coupon, available with a $1,000 buy in.


I was very impressed with Casa Real when I went there to review it.  Staff all around were friendly and engaging and I got the impression that the hotel is very well run.

Casa Real front desk

The 381 rooms look unbelievably good for being over 20 years old, it’s clear a lot of money has been put into remodelling and redecoration.

Casa Real lobby and lounge

Post Covid, prices are a touch high though, with rooms $900 Mops on weekdays and $1100 to $1400 on weekends, including all tax and service charges.

Never book rooms directly from their website though, as they’re routinely $200 to $300 Mops more expensive.  Definitely go through, Agoda, or instead.

If you want breakfast, just buy it during check in for $80 per person.


You know you’ve been hard for accommodation lately when you stay at Casa Real and it reminds you of the Ritz Carlton Macau.

Believe me, fresh off the heels of toiling through the Budget Hotel Guide in late 2019, that’s exactly how it felt!

The first stop on my 2020 Coronavirus Tour, I stayed at Casa Real for one night on Tuesday, February 18th, 2020.  My reasons for visiting were twofold – one, Zhuhai was in a sorry state at the time, not quite in lock down, but close enough to it, and two, I was ready to snag some serious deals on hotel rooms, given that Macau was basically bereft of tourist business at the time.  Since I’d always suspected that Casa Real was a lot better than most people thought, I put it first on the list.

Arriving promptly at 2:15 pm the lobby was empty, save for one doorman and woman working the front desk. I’d never seen the hotel so dead before, but such is life in February when the casino is closed and everyone in mainland China is afraid to go outside. I’d booked the cheapest room available online through C Trip for $520 Mops, which would have been a slight discount of about $100, had there been no pandemic raging.

When the desk girl told me that I reserved an Elite Double Room, I asked if I could have one King bed, as I was traveling solo. She said no problem and that the new room would be a little bigger, then asked for a deposit of $500. I paid that with my credit card and was soon up to the 9th floor, room 913.

As soon as I walked in, I knew it was a suite, which the turn down staff confirmed later on.

Casa Real Junior Suite

How I went from an Elite Room to a Junior Suite was beyond me, but it definitely wasn’t because the hotel was sold out and that’s all they had left. I mean, I doubt they had 20 total guests in the entire hotel.

Casa Real Junior Suite living room

I should say that Junior Suites usually run $1450 on weekdays, so don’t look at the pictures and then make a beeline straight for the website thinking that you’ll get them for $520 too. (Unless, of course, another virus strikes.)

Casa Real Junior Suite bed

Perhaps it was karma paying me back for the pain I endured putting together the Budget Guide, where 5 or 6 hotels were sad disgusting options that should be eradicated immediately, their very existence a blight on Macau.

Casa Real Junior Suite bathroom Casa Real Junior Suite bathtub

Of course, the Casa Real suite was nothing like the Ritz suite, but it almost felt as lavish and luxurious to me. I loved all the space in the two rooms and the size of the bathtub, which was absolutely huge.  Sometimes I’m all scrunched up in there close to assuming the fetal position, but I could recline back in there like I was on a Lazyboy. The bed was super soft too while the Wifi was excellent, never cutting out once.

At the same time, remember that in these smaller mid-range Chinese style hotels, suite is really just a synonym for “Larger”, and won’t whisk you off into airy abodes of penthouse magic.  No matter the occasion, $1500 is too much to pay for anything at Casa Real, and at that price point, consider rooms at Altira or the Grand Lisboa first.

As a free upgrade though… beggars can’t be choosers and all I can say is, please keep them coming!

Anyway, the standard rooms at Casa Real look just fine for the price (at least from the website) and they should be just as clean and well maintained as what I was given.


There’s a nice little pool at Casa Real, sort of like the ones found at Landmark and Rio.  I think the castle motif and pillars both look pretty cool.

Casa Real swimming pool

The pool has the same hours as the gym, from 7 am to 9 pm.


The Casa Real has two restaurants for your dining pleasure.

Imperial Chinese Restaurant – Located on the 2nd Floor, the Imperial Chinese Restaurant offers two pricey abalone set meals for $1180 or $1480, while abalone itself is $238 to $1188, and shark’s fin $288 to $1088.  Appetizers run $55 to $65, while soup is $50 to $328 and vegetable dishes $88 to $118.   Other choices include barbecue ($88 to $248), bird’s nest ($328 to $688), casserole ($98 to $338), and chef’s recommendations ($88 to $248).

A lot of dim sum is available at lunch, with most selections a decent $26 to $68.

Hours are from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm in the afternoon and from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm at night.

Pena Restaurant – The Pena Restaurant does both a la carte and buffet dining at very affordable prices.  Starting with a la carte, the menu is composed of 16 choices that range in price from $60 to $138.  Some examples include grilled fillet steak ($138), grilled lamb chop ($128), shrimp curry ($82), fish roe with bibimbap ($72) and spaghetti bolognese ($68).

Their lunch semi-buffet happens daily and features 9 different mains from $68 to $128 that can be paired with a soup, noodle/rice, and drink buffet for free.  Some of the selections include stir fried shredded beef ($118), grilled flounder ($108), diced chicken ($98), and grilled pork chop ($88).  If you pay an additional $68, you can access their salad and dessert buffet bar as well.

The showstopper here and the one I absolutely must try is their weekend dinner buffet on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays for $128.  Mainly featuring frozen seafood such as shrimp and clams, as well as smoked salmon, marinated goose wings, and 9 different types of sushi, the value just looks ridiculous.  Other things on offer (that I doubt few people try) include salads, soups, breads, drinks and desserts.  Please note that patrons are limited to two hours of dining time.

Also located on the 2nd floor, daily hours are from 12:00 pm to 2:30 pm, and 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm.


The facilities at Casa Real are very disappointing.  There’s no free spa amenities at all, while the gym is much too small.  All they have are a couple of cardio machines and not much lifting equipment.  I don’t even think you can call it a proper gym, it’s that pathetic.

Located on the 5th floor, hours are from 7 am to 9 pm.


Only one spa at Casa Real, and it’s completely illegitimate.  At the same time, such action isn’t illegal in Macau.

The East Castle Spa – Starring babes from China, Vietnam, Japan and Korea, full service runs an astronomical $3200 to $6400.  Tamer massage that concludes with a happy ending runs $1838.

The door pass is good for 12 hours and costs $1500.

Located on the 4th floor, East Castle Spa stays open 24 hours.


Knights Bar – Located in the lobby, Knight’s Bar serves both food and drinks at very affordable prices.  Starting with the beverages, fancy milkshakes run $48, while juice is $35 and coffee and tea $25 to $68.  Alcoholic beverages include beers ($25 to $42), spirits ($48 to $138), champagne ($98 to $380), and full bottles of wine ($188 to $2388).

Their food menu consists of snacks for $28 to $68 and mains that run $60 to $138.  Fresh fruit platters are also on offer for $68 and $88.

Located in the lobby, Knights Bar never closes.


Even though Casa Real is clearly one of the better four star hotels in town, its poor location precludes it from being much of a viable living option.  The area around the Ferry Terminal just isn’t where tourists should be.

As for the casino, it’s usually full of people and a lot of fun, but that’s offset by the lack of player card and promotions. Low limit gamers and those out for a good time will probably enjoy it, while more serious players should take a pass.

Casa Real Hotel Macau


Casa Real is located between the Golden Dragon and Jai Alai, about a ten minute walk away from the Macau Ferry Terminal.

General Information

Address: Avenida do Dr Rodrigo Rodrigues, No. 1118
Number of Rooms: 381
Number of Tables: 30
Slot Machines: Zero


  • Well maintained budget hotel near the Macau Ferry Terminal.
  • Good casino with fun vibes and low minimums.
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