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Address: 63 Rua de Cantao, Macau 
Number of Rooms: 368
Number of Tables: 37
Slot Machines: Zero


Maven Meter: Fortuna Casino & Hotel

(Last Updated: April 27, 2024)


In operation since 2005, Hotel Fortuna is battling the President for budget traveller business on the Western end of the Amizade Strip.  Besides two surprisingly good restaurants, the hotel offers little else, especially after the infamous sex sauna and strip club full of seductive Eastern European dancers closed down during Covid.

As for the casino, it’s strictly a mainland haunt, with Baccarat and Sic Bo the only games on.

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Fortuna Casino Macau
Fortuna Casino
Fortuna Casino entrance
Fortuna Casino Entrance
Hotel Fortuna lobby
Hotel Fortuna Lobby


The Fortuna casino is a useless Baccarat Hall, offering next to nothing for both serious and casual gamers alike.  They don’t even have Sic Bo anymore.

Baccarat – Minimums of $300.

Commission Free Baccarat –  Minimums are $300.

Sic Bo – Big/Small lows of only $100, the lowest in town.


Fortuna still doesn’t have a player card, but they offer a dead chip program.  Amounts rolled in excess of $1,000,000 receive 1.2% cash back monthly, or 1.1% immediate settlement.  For amounts rolled under $1,000,000, the rates are 1.1% (monthly) and 1.0% (immediate settlement).


Hotel Fortuna boasts the lowest rates on the Amizade Strip, among hotels that still have casinos.  Prices below are straight off the Hotel Fortuna website, in Hong Kong dollars, and include all tax and service charges.

A touch high because it’s July, I think the standard rooms are more accurately $800 MOP/$950 MOP/$1200 MOP the rest of the year, all tax and service charges included.  Shop for those rates on third party travel websites like, Agoda, and

Hotel Fortuna front desk

Then again, maybe don’t do that, because no one, and I mean absolutely NO ONE, ever stays at the Fortuna unless they have to.


Somehow, and I don’t know how this happened, both of Fortuna’s restaurants are very good.  Abalone is always bursting at the seams with people, while the Japanese restaurant consistently scores high reviews with local patrons.

Abalone Ah Yat Restaurant – The highly renowned “Chef of the Century” Mr. Yeung Koon Yat runs this restaurant.  Every time I showed up at lunch, it’s absolutely packed, indicating that it meets the approval of locals around town.

The Dim Sum list is extensive, and comes in five different sizes, which range in price from $42 to $138.

The rest of the menu can be either fairly affordable or out of this world, although the one dish that cost $22,100 is no longer available.  And to think I’ve been saving money for ten years just waiting to try it!

Rice and noodles run $128 to $178, while Beijing dishes are $80 to $160, and abalone still an outrageous $880 to $3080.   Marinated and dried seafood keep lowering the boom, costing $128 to $1280, while poultry is $118 to $508, and classic Southern Chinese mains $160 to $1088.  Meat is the final item available, going for a decent $138 to $370.

Usually I say don’t try Chinese restaurants located in the casino hotels, but Abalone could be an exception.

Abalone is open daily from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm and again in the evening from 6:00 pm to 10:30 pm.

Fortuna Japanese Restaurant – Also very popular with locals, the Japanese restaurant just might be Fortuna’s best place to eat.  Prices are excellent for a Japanese joint with appetizers $38 to $118, salads $58 to $138 and rice and noodle dishes $68 to $168.  Sashimi runs $168 to $488 while sushi is $32 to $270 and tempura $48 to $148.  Other pricier options include teppanyaki ($98 to $888) and tasty looking seafood delicacies ($58 to $888).

Lunch sets, finally, are a very affordable $88 to $168.

For a review of my lunch there, click here: Fortuna Japanese restaurant.

Fortuna Japanese restaurant keeps hours from 12 pm to 3 pm in the afternoon and from 6 pm to 11 pm at night.


Yes, Supreme Sauna is closed (for now) but it’ll probably come back at some point.

Supreme Sauna –  Supreme Sauna offers a wide range of services that use different code words.  For those that don’t know what they mean, a Shanghai massage ($665) is straight up massage while an oil massage is one with a happy ending ($1132).

Supreme massage ($1799/$2465/$2846) moves into full service territory, and the reason why it’s so cheap (comparatively speaking) is because they just have Vietnamese and Thai girls.

Supreme Sauna Macau

If you just want to use the facilities, the door pass is good for 15 hours and costs $598.  Again, most places in town are double the price.


The night club is dead too, but I’d wager it returns in the future as well.

Fortuna Night Club – The Fortuna Night Club is actually a strip joint with live sex shows, mostly employing Eastern European performers.  It costs $780 to get in which comes with 2 free beers.  Hotel guests used to get a tiny discount so be sure to inquire if you made the mistake of staying at the Fortuna.

Fortuna Nightclub

The sign above the door is hilarious and tells it exactly like it is: Foreign Girls Specialty Shop.

Hours are from 7:30 pm to 3 am.


You can barely call it a bar, but I suppose it’s better than nothing.

Lobby Lounge – Fortuna’s little Lobby Lounge keeps the prices down, with beers only $25 to $28, spirits $33 to $45 and cognac $38 to $128.  Bottles of wine range from $128 to $488, while juice and coffee are $27 to $35.

Hours are from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm daily.


Hotel Fortuna is a smutty little budget option best avoided for obvious reasons.  If you want to stay in this part of town but still do so on the cheap, spend the extra $40 US a night and try the Artyzen Grand Lapa down the road.

Leave the Fortuna to their principle clientele, the mainland Chinese, and let them revel in it.

Supreme Sauna Hotel Fortuna Fortuna Nightclub Hotel Fortuna


Hotel Fortuna is right in the middle of all the action on the Amizade Strip, located between Paradise Kampek and the President.

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