Galaxy Macau

General Information

Address: Avenida de Cotai, Cotai
Number of Rooms: 4618
Number of Tables: 400
Slot Machines: 1200

For more photos of Galaxy, please click the link: Galaxy Macau


  • The Grand Resort Deck, because 75,000 square meters of palm trees, pools and cabanas is Heaven on Earth.
  • Seven accommodation options for all walks (and tax brackets) of life, headlined by the Ritz-Carlton, Macau’s best hotel.
  • Casino with excellent player benefits.
  • Superlative dining highlighted by Urban Kitchen, Lai Heen and the Ritz-Carlton Cafe.
  • Fantastic bars and entertainment, whether you’re in the mood for whisky (Macallan Whisky Bar), women (Ritz-Carlton Bar) or 1930’s Shanghai (China Rouge)

The Maven Meter: Galaxy Macau Casino & Hotel

(Last updated: April 27, 2024)


Like a fat man at a buffet, Galaxy Macau just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  Construction works continue unabated to this day with another two or three hotels currently under development, with 7 already completed and open for business!  Whenever this monster gets finished, it very well could be the largest integrated resort in the world, with Phase 4 scheduled to drop in 2027, promising more hotels, retail space, 4,000-seat theatre, and water resort deck.

Debuting on May 15, 2011, Galaxy Entertainment’s flagship property was initially composed of two hotel towers, three hotels, more than 50 restaurants and the stunning Grand Resort Deck, which still drops jaws a decade on.  The property expanded four years later on May 27th, 2015, with the unveiling of the third tower and two new luxury hotels – the Ritz-Carlton and JW Marriott.  The shopping Promenade nearly tripled in size while the Grand Resort Deck grew to over 75,000 square meters, and now includes the world’s longest Skytop Aquatic Adventure River Ride.

2023 saw the property reach new heights again, with the unveiling of Macau’s largest indoor entertainment venue, the 16,000 seat Galaxy Arena, in conjunction with a convention centre and two more hotels: the long awaited Raffles at Galaxy Macau, and the arty Andaz, which could be the Cotai Strip’s best budget option.

In 2015 I remember warning the Venetian and City of Dreams that there might be a new Sheriff in town, and indeed there was.  By 2018, Galaxy Macau usurped the Venetian to become the most profitable casino resort in Macau, their World Class Asian Heart beating strong and beating down every other competitor on the Cotai Strip.

Basically, if you’re staying anywhere in Cotai, it’s hard to argue that Galaxy Macau shouldn’t be that place.


Galaxy Macau
Galaxy Macau
Hotel Okura
Hotel Okura
China Rouge wall art
China Rouge
China Rouge painting
China Rouge
Cristal Palace Lobby Galaxy Macau
Cristal Palace Lobby
Andaz Macau night exterior
Andaz Macau


$500 tables dominate, but at least Craps is just $300.

Baccarat – Tables start from $5000 in the High Limit Quarter.

Commission Free Baccarat – Won Dealer bets totalling 6 pay 50%.  Minimum bet is $500.

Blackjack – Minimum bet is $500.

Caribbean Stud Poker – Proper 100-1 payout on a Royal Flush.  Minimum bet of $1000.  Wowzers.

Craps – $300 Pass Line Bet, with nice 5-5-5 odds.  Also has Big 6 and Big 8, two bets which should be illegal.

Roulette – Inside bets are $100, while Outside bets are $500.  Like most things in life, too rich for my blood.

Sic Bo – 11 bets available, minimum bet is $500.

Slot Machines – Around 1200 slots with lows from .05 to $10.  There’s also Live Gaming Baccarat ($50 to $500) and electronic versions of Baccarat ($10), Roulette ($10), and Sic Bo ($10).

Three Card Poker – Minimums start from $500.


Galaxy probably has the best player card and promotions in all of Macau.

Player Card – The Galaxy player card is good to use at all three Galaxy Entertainment Group casinos: Galaxy Macau, Starworld Macau and Broadway Macau.  There are four different cards available: the introductory Gold card, the Platinum, the Black and the Diamond.  In order to move up the ranks, players only need to amass 10 points to earn the Platinum card and then another 2000 points for the Black card.  Diamond card holders will be privately invited.

Members accumulate both Privilege Points and Privilege Dollars through gaming.  Privilege Points are used to determine when members move up to the next tier of Player Card, while Privilege Dollars are used to redeem prizes or buy F&B, hotel rooms and other products and services in Galaxy, Starworld and Broadway Macau hotels.  The cards also entitle members to dining and shopping discounts in the aforementioned properties, with Gold members receiving 10% off, Platinum members 15% and Diamond and Black 20%.

Privilege Dollars can be accumulated through table play at the following rate: cash bets averaging $100 over an hour earn 1 point, cash bets averaging $200 earn 2 points, cash bets averaging $500 earn 5 points etc.  Slot players meanwhile earn 1 point for every $400 bet on the machines.

Galaxy does such a great job advertising their Player Card and Membership Program that I’m not going to go any further.  Check out their GEG Membership Rewards website for latest information about gift redemption items and current promotions.

For recreational gamers, the ones tied to daily point accumulation will be the ones you’ll want to know about first.


Galaxy’s cash back program for high rollers returns the following commission rates and comp allowance:

At the higher benchmarks of $10,000,000 and $15,000,000, you can negotiate the cash back rates with the casino yourself.

Free Standard rooms can be had after rolling $400,000, for a maximum of 4 times per month.

Be aware that gamers have 21 days to roll the minimum totals for the $300,000 and $500,000 programs.  From $1,000,000 and up, 28 days are given.

As part of the Macau government’s mandate to attract more foreign players, the Noble International Club is a separate VIP Room that returns higher rates for visitors who don’t come from the mainland, Hong Kong, or Taiwan.  Commissions across the board are notably higher, particularly at the $300,000 mark.

The rub is that gamers only have 7 days to amass rolling turnover at the $100,000 and $300,000 levels, while they’re awarded 14 days from $1,000,000 and up.  Just like the Jinmen program, cash back rates over $5,000,000 are open to negotiation.


With almost 1500 rooms and suites, Galaxy is the largest hotel at Galaxy Macau.  Somewhat shockingly, it’s no longer the cheapest place to stay, with that distinction now belonging to the Andaz first and Hotel Okura second.

Galaxy Macau front desk

Rates are in Macau Mops, including all tax and service fees.

As an added bonus, everything in the mini bar is free.

Galaxy Hotel Information

Galaxy Hotel General Inquires: (853) 2888 0888
Number of Hotel Rooms & Suites: 1449


Hotel Okura has 488 rooms and suites with prices $300 cheaper than Galaxy.

I’ve always been a big fan of Hotel Okura’s simple pleasant lobby.

Hotel Okura lobby

Hotel Okura Information

Hotel Reservations: (853) 8883 8883
No of Rooms and Suites: 488


Until the Ritz Carlton came along, Banyan Tree was Galaxy’s most luxurious hotel by a very fair margin.

Banyan Tree lobby

I haven’t stayed there yet so I can’t show you any pictures, but feel free to check them out on the Galaxy website here: Banyan Room Grades.

As of July 2023, rooms are currently unavailable, a strange situation that’s also occurring at Starworld Macau and Broadway Macau.

Regarding how much their rooms cost, Cotai Pool Suites routinely started from $3500, while Signature Pool Suites went for $5000 and Spa Sanctuary Suites $7,500.  And of course, there was always the Banyan Pool Villas, available for a cool $20,000 per night, an amount that could feed two entire Filipino villages for a month.

Banyan Tree Spa

Banyan Tree Spa is open to the public and serves guests from all 5 hotels.  The only thing available is treatments, which means there’s no door pass option and when your treatment finishes, so are you.

They have two different price rates: Standard, defined as Friday to Sunday and Off Peak, defined as Monday to Thursday.  For this review, I’ve used the Standard prices only, which are generally about $100 to $300 more expensive than Off eak, depending on the treatment.

Many of the treatments are a mix and match of massage, baths, scrubs and facials.  Most are either 90 or 120 minutes and run between $1900 and $2400.  The longest treatments last 150 minutes and cost $3200.

Other services include straight up massage for 75 or 90 minutes ($1620 to $1740), 60 to 90 minute facials ($1300 to $2800), and 30 minute body scrubs, body conditioners, and calming baths ($800).  Manicures and pedicures are also available for $700.

The excellent people at Banyan Tree Spa let me have a look at the different treatment rooms and they are all superb, each equipped with steam, shower and bathtub.  6 rooms are designated as Deluxe Rooms and another 13 as Royal Rooms.

Banyan Tree Spa is located on the 2nd floor and keeps hours from 1 pm to 9 pm daily.

Banyan Tree Information

Hotel Reservations: (853) 8883 8833
No of Suites & Villas: 356


Asia’s largest Marriott has 1,015 rooms and suites, making it the second biggest hotel at Galaxy.

JW Mariott lobby Macau

Rates are usually a tad higher than Galaxy and Hotel Okura, provided you book 21 days in advance on the website.  Prices below include all tax and service charges.

JW Marriott Information

Hotel Reservations: (853) 8886 6888
No of Rooms & Suites: 1015


The Ritz-Carlton is my favourite hotel in town and it’s not particularly close.  Whenever I’m at Galaxy, I inevitably make up some reason to head up to their lobby and bar, just so I can be a part of it all.

Ritz-Carlton Macau first floor lounge

Everything about the Ritz-Carlton is a different world, a splendid world, and a beautiful world at that.

I stayed at the Ritz for a couple of nights during the Lusofonia Festival.  For information on how it went along with a ton of pics, please click the link here: Ritz-Carlton Macau

Current rates below include all tax and service charges.

I really need to start robbing banks or something.

Ritz-Carlton Spa

In somewhat of a shocker, Ritz guests can use the facilities in the Ritz-Carlton Spa free of charge.  Almost every hotel in Macau charges guests for this privilege, something I find completely ridiculous.  If you’re a non-guest, the door pass is $570.

Treatments are expectedly pricy as well, easily among the highest in Macau.  Weekend rates are about $100 or $200 more than on weekdays, which are the prices I’ve used below.

90 to 120 minute Signature Treatments run between $2800 and $3000, while 60 or 90 minute facials are $1580 to $3000 and various body treatments between $1200 and $2400.  60 minute massage is $1350 while 90 minutes costs $1750 to $2000.

There’s also a Private Couples suite that you and your partner can share as you do your treatments together.  Use of the room starts from one hour and costs $1000 on weekdays and $1500 on weekends.

The Ritz-Carlton Spa is located on the 3rd floor of both the Ritz and Marriott and keeps hours daily from 1 pm to 9 pm.

Ritz-Carlton Macau Information

Hotel Reservations: (853) 8886 6868
No of Rooms & Suites: 250


Attached to the convention centre, the Andaz is Galaxy Macau’s meetings/conference/events hotel, and as such, keeps rooms fairly basic and rates low.  Outside of the lacklustre Broadway Macau, they currently boast the lowest rates in Cotai, and I’d give it serious consideration if I were you.

Andaz Macau front desk

The sharp lobby goes well and above budget status, displaying a fine collection of wiry art pieces telling the story of Macau’s rich colonial past.

Andaz Macau lobby art piece

For only $900 a night, with access to the Grand Resort Deck, you could certainly do a lot worse staying somewhere else.

Rates are in Macau Mops and include all tax and service charges.


One of the world’s most iconic hotels, the Singapore Raffles was declared a national monument in 1987.  Quite what that means for this Macau offshoot I don’t know, but the website pictures certainly look up to that standard.  Composed of 450 suites that range in size from 78 to 228 square meters, the flaunt fireplaces, staircases, heated pools and gardens, along with VIP Executives on call 24 hours a day.

Raffles at Galaxy check in desk

Sold out until August 2024 at the earliest, I have no idea how much suites currently go for.  If I had to guess, I’d imagine they’d start from $5000 a night.


The Grand Resort Deck is what separates Galaxy from all of its competitors and the main reason why I think it’s the best hotel on the Cotai Strip.

Grand Resort Deck main pool

No other property in the city has a pool this large or good and the fact that non-guests can no longer pay money to get in and use it should give you even more incentive to stay there.

Aquatic Adventure Ride

Occupying over 75,000 square meters, the Grand Resort Deck features a 4,000 square meter Wave Pool, a 500 ton white sand beach, the world’s longest Aquatic Adventure Ride, and Macau’s only Slide Mountain.  Surfing lessons are even available in the morning, since the Wave Pool can generate waves as high as 1.5 meters!

From the Ritz-Carlton Macau lobby

If you prefer a quieter, more relaxing experience, each of Galaxy’s seven hotels offer private pools that are accessible to guests staying in that particular hotel.  Guests at Hotel Okura get the short end of the stick here though, since their pool is very small and located indoors on the 29th floor.

Pool pictures from each hotel can be viewed in the Galaxy Macau Photobook


Gym and spa facilities at Galaxy are more of less interchangeable no matter which hotel you’re staying at.  All of the gyms are large and modern while sauna, steam and jacuzzi are readily available as well.  Keep in mind that Hotel Okura’s fitness centre only utilizes a Kinesis wall, with next to no traditional heavy lifting equipment.


Galaxy is clearly the best resort for dining options in Cotai, followed by the City of Dreams and then Venetian.  Highlights include Lai Heen, the Ritz Carlton Cafe, and Urban Kitchen, the best buffet in Macau.

Apron Oyster Bar and Grill – Premium oyster bar that also deals in high end beef.  Early returns have been very positive.

Prices aren’t too bad, with appetizers $88 to $158, salad $88 to $98, and oysters $42 to $82.  Selected caviar goes for $188 to $348, while seafood is $188 to $318 and seafood platters $168 to $1088.  Premium steaks are the most expensive fare, going for $698 to $1488.

A daily lunch special is just $188, composed of a salad, drink and your choice of steak or grilled chicken.  If you prefer wine instead, it’s only $40.

Hours daily are from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm and 5:30 pm to 10:30 pm.

Cafe de Paris Monte Carlo – Located in the Galaxy lobby, Cafe de Paris is a smart looking lounge venue that’s open all day.

Beginning with breakfast, both the Chinese and Western sets are $198.  If you prefer a la carte, it’s $58 to $108, with yogurt, French toast, fresh fruits, eggs, congee, wok fried noodles and dim sum all available.

For lunch and dinner, selections include seafood ($288 or $388), signature dishes ($88 to $388), snacks and appetizers ($78 to $178), soups and salads ($78 to $158),
burgers and sandwiches ($118 to $168), and pasta, rice and noodles ($88 to $388).

A three course set is also available that runs $388.

Cafe de Paris keeps hours daily from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm, while they stay open until 10:00 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

8.5 Otto e Mezzo Bombana – The highly acclaimed “Best Italian Chef in Asia”, Mr Umberto Bombana, has his first restaurant in Macau, one that’s been awarded one Michelin star for 7 straight years now.  His restaurant in Hong Kong continues to be the only 3 star Italian restaurant outside of Italy, and I can’t wait to check that one out.

As for his Macau outlet, two 5 course sets are available: one that runs $2380 (plus $880 for wine), and a fancier Black Truffle set for $3080 (plus $880 for wine).

In terms of a la carte, there’s appetizers and soup ($480 to $720), fresh made pasta and risotto ($620 to $780), and seafood and meat mains ($680 to $880).

For a review of my disappointing dinner there, please click here: Otto Bombana

Otto keeps hours from 6:00 pm to 10:30 at night, and is closed on Wednesdays.  To find it, head to shop 1031 on the first floor of the retail Promenade.

Lai Heen – Lai Heen is a restaurant fit for the Ritz.  Immaculately decorated and supremely adorned, it’s the very definition of luxurious Cantonese dining.

Prices are just about what you’d expect, with appetizers $88 to $138, soups $168 to $858, vegetables $108 to $288, and rice and noodles $220 to $488.  Barbecue favorites run $138 to $688, while bird’s nest is $368 to $788, and dried seafood $328 to $9688.  The rest of the menu is composed of seafood ($308 to $1388), meat ($138 to $688), and poultry ($228 to $308).

Dim sum takes over at lunch, with most selections a pricey $78 to $188.

At night, an 8 course set is on for $2188, with an additional $788 for wine.

For a review of my dinner there, please click here: Lai Heen

Lai Heen is located on the 51st floor of the Ritz and keeps hours from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm in the afternoon and from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm at night.  On weekends it opens 30 minutes earlier at 11:30 am.

Passion by Dubois – This Swiss patisserie has two locations in Macau, one in Galaxy and another at Starworld.

Often doing very well with customers, it serves a variety of sandwiches ($47), pizza ($82 to $95), meat mains ($85 to $128), and pasta and lasagna ($75 to $92).  The dessert section is also extensive, featuring sweets like macarons ($18), scones ($20 to $28), and small cakes ($45).  One scoop of ice cream, finally, is $30.

As for beverages, I noticed coffee for $32 to $43, while hot chocolate was $35 to $45 and glasses of wine just $48.  If you prefer full bottles instead, they’re a very economical $245.

Hours are from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm daily.

The Ritz-Carlton Cafe – Gorgeous looking French style cafe serves a la carte twice a day as well as a buffet on Sunday afternoons.

Not overly expensive for being such a beautiful venue, appetizers run $148 to $388, while sandwiches are $158 to $288, and soup $88 to $138.  As for mains, the Cafe serves chilled seafood ($588 to $1368), fish and seafood ($198 to $488), steaks ($568 to $898), and other meat favourites ($208 to $288).

A 2 course set at lunch runs $288 for 2 courses and $318 for 3.

From Monday to Thursday evenings, they have a Summer Dining Tasting Menu for $598, which costs an additional $358 if you want wine.  On the weekend, Surf and Turf night takes over, composed of a steak and seafood of your choice for $648 to $678.  Other items available include 10 grams of caviar for $270, pieces of foie gras for $130, and sides like mashed potatoes, sauteed spinach and green asparagus for $68.

On Sundays from 11:00 am to 2:30 pm, there’s an excellent Sunday Brunch buffet, which runs $698 per adult, or $798 if you want free flow Ritz Brut Champagne and $988 for Free Flow Perrier-Jouet La Belle Champagne.  Children aged 6 to 11 eat for just $198.

A definite crowd pleaser, I’ve tried it twice and both times were excellent.  For a review, please follow the link here: Ritz-Carlton Cafe.

The Ritz-Carlton Cafe is located on the ground floor of the Ritz-Carlton.  Hours are from 11:30 am to 10:30 pm daily.

Saffron – Thai joint that probably shouldn’t be as expensive as it is. Appetizers run $188 to $208, while salads are $208 to $308 and soup $138 to $168.  The menu is rounded off by signature curries for $288 to $508, and noodles and rice for $258 to $688.

The last thing available is a four course set for $788.

For a review of my dinner there, please click here: Saffron

Saffron is located in the Banyan Tree lobby and opens from 6:00 pm to 10:30 pm daily.  It’s closed on Tuesdays.

Terrazza – Terrazza serves fine Mediterranean cuisine and had a Michelin star in 2017 which they promptly lost one year later.  After having dined there, I’m not at all surprised.

Prices aren’t as high as they were before, with soup $88 to $168, appetizers $88 to $328, pasta $148 to $198, and main meats $298 to $988.  Other items on the menu include cold cuts ($48 to $118), 40 grams of cheese ($48 to $78), and pizza $128 to $238.

They also offer a 5 course set for $1388, plus $300 with a wine pairing.

For a review of my dinner there, please click here: Terrazza

Terrazza is found on the 2nd floor and is open daily at night from 6:00 pm to 10:30 pm.

Urban Kitchen – Macau’s hottest new restaurant is often booked up one month in advance.  Urban Kitchen serves contemporary buffet with a heavy emphasis on seafood and premium meat dishes.  Buffet times are from 7 am to 10:30 am, 12 pm to 2:30 pm and 6 pm to 9:30 pm.  Prices are as follows:

Prices are exclusive of 10% service charge.

If it’s your birthday just let them know and you can eat for free!  (The catch being that you need to bring a friend with you who is paying full price for their buffet).

For a review of my excellent dinner there, please follow the link: Urban Kitchen

Yamazato – I’m obligated to mention Yamazato, even though I despise it.  The signature restaurant at Hotel Okura is a farce, and I’d stay far, far away if I were you.

Far too expensive for the amount of food you get, appetizers run $80 to $160, while sashimi is $120 to $1200 and grilled dishes $380 to $2200.  Other items on offer include fried ($290 to 390), steamed ($180 to $380), and rice and noodles ($200 to $680).

A Tanabata Kaiseki set is only one currently onl, going for $1680 per person.

For a review of my dinner there, please follow the link: Yamazato.  If you ask me, it’s all just going to be another Dupe and Dine….

Hours are from 5:30 pm to 10:00 pm.  Yamazato is closed on Mondays.

Tastes of Asia Food Court – The Tastes of Asia Food Court features Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese and Singaporean cuisine, among others.  Most of the small fast food fare is inexpensive, with many selections $58 to $128.


Both bars are outstanding in their own way, and also feature live entertainment.

Macallan Whisky Bar and Lounge – For whisky lovers, the whole world is brought to you at the Macallan Whisky Bar.  Their selection is impressive to say the least, with bottles originating from every corner of the globe.  Prices naturally vary according to the age, reputation, and quality, with most shots between $50 and $200.  They also offer a Macallan Whisky flight where you can sample 5 Macallan whiskies for $1388.

Other alcoholic fare includes beer ($40 to $58), Macallan cocktails ($138), signature cocktails ($98), and spirits (most $48 to $98).  Glasses of champagne, red wine, and white wine go for $86 to $200 while full bottles are $360 to $880.

Macallan Whisky Bar and Lounge

If you get hungry, Macallan offers popular snack fare like beef burgers, chicken liver pate, cheese platters and fried calamari for $68 to $218.  Pizza, which they almost assuredly get from Terrazza, is also available for $128 to $238.

Macallan has live music 6 nights a week starting from 7:30 pm (Tuesday to Thursday) and 8:30 pm (Friday to Sunday).  Two different bands rotate, with a Chinese one hitting the stage on weekends and a different one that does more English music on weekdays.  Unsurprisingly, staff told me that Chinese prefer the Chinese band, while Westerners dig the weekday group more.

Hours are from 6:00 pm to 12:00 am Sunday through Thursday and from 6:00 pm to 1:00 am Fridays and Saturdays.  It’s located on the 2nd floor of the Galaxy Hotel beside Terrazza.

The Ritz-Carlton Bar and Lounge – Upscale bar used to offer a lot more of specials, live music and things on the go prior to Covid.  There’s less happening now but expect them to ratchet it up the further we get away from Covid.

Starting with the specials, the Ritz Carlton Hour happens on Sundays to Thursdays from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm, for $358 per person.  Select free flow cocktails, wine, spirits and mixers are on offer as well as an Italian snack selection made up of 7 different selections.

On Friday and Saturday evening, a similar deal is on, with champagne, champagne cocktails, and sparkling wine available for $338 or $418.  The food is also a little more diverse, featuring sandwiches, salads, pasta, seafood, meat and tapas.

Afternoon tea is a pricey $538 for 2, or $738 with 2 glasses of Veuve Clicquot Brut Champagne.

Live entertainment happens four nights of the week from Wednesdays to Saturdays, starting at 9:00 pm and ending at 11:30 pm.

Ritz Carlton Bar Macau

As for the drink menu, they offer cocktails for $128, while glasses of wine range from $98 to $298 and most full bottles $278 to $1350.  Most hard stuff is between $100 and $200, while beers are $68 to $88.

Located on the 51st floor, hours daily are from 2:30 pm to 1:00 am.


Galaxy is starting to rival their neighbours on the Cotai Strip in the entertainment department.

China Rouge – China Rouge has recently undergone a makeover and is again open to the public; its current incarnation is an upscale live music lounge.  The sultry undertones of 1930’s Shanghai are still on full display though, making it one of Macau’s hippest haunts.

China Rouge Macau

For pics and more information, please click the following link here: China Rouge.

Update: China Rouge still hasn’t re-opened following Covid.

Hours are from 9:45 pm to 1:30 am on Thursdays, Sundays, Monday and Tuesdays, and from 10:00 pm to 2:00 am on Fridays and Saturdays.

UA Galaxy Cinemas –  General admission tickets at Galaxy’s movie theatre go for $110 (2D), $140 (3D), and $280 (Director’s Club).  If you’re wondering why the Director Club costs so much, it’s because they offe premium dining, a lounge with wait staff, and self adjustable reclining sofa seats.

Kids Club – Located on the 3rd floor of the Marriott, children aged 2 to 12 should get a kick out of Kids Club.  There’s a bungee castle, climbing tree, ball pit and video arcade, not to mention plenty of puzzles and toys.

Rates for 1 Adult and 1 Child are $180 for 3 hours, with each extra hour $70.  If an extra adult wants to join in the fun, it only costs $70.

Opening hours are from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm daily.

Galaxy Kidz Edutainment Centre – Galaxy Kidz is similar to Kids Club, except it’s totally free for hotel guests.  Led by a dedicated team of professional counsellors, they organize different workshops throughout the day such as Paper Crafts, Twisting Fun, Magical Marker, Mosaic Art and Hands for DIY.

Guests with little ones are also given a Treasure Hunt to complete at check-in in order to receive a special prize.

Hours at the Edutainment Centre are from 10:00 am to 6:45 pm.

Foot Hub – There’s a small massage joint one floor down from the Galaxy cinema and Tastes of Asia food court.

60 minute foot massage runs $298 to $478, while 90 minute varieties are $378 to $558.  Traditional Chinese massage costs $608 for 60 minutes and $758 for 90 minutes, while aroma oil massage done only in the VIP room is $880 (60 minutes) or $1080 (90 minutes).

Hours are from 11:00 am to 2:00 am daily.


With over 200 high end fashion boutiques and luxury outlets, the Galaxy’s shopping quarter is second in area and size only to the Venetian in this part of Macau.


With Phase 2, I think Galaxy not only closed the gap on the Venetian and the City of Dreams but also surpassed them. The Ritz Carlton remains one of the top luxury hotels in town, while the Grand Resort Deck is another amazing piece of work, unmatched and unrivalled by anything else in the city.

Perhaps Galaxy lags a little in the entertainment department, but the Broadway Theater is next door and let’s face it, so are the Venetian, City of Dreams and Studio City too, so it’s not like you have to cross town to see the best shows that Macau has to offer.  Galaxy has definitely set the bar very high and it’ll be interesting to see if the slew of monster resorts in the works can match them.

In terms of the casino, serious gamers may want to give it strong consideration just for the Player Card alone.  The membership benefits rank as Macau’s best and there are always a lot of good promotions on the go, with information easily accessible and kept up to date on the GEG website.  It’s just a shame they got rid of the stage on the main floor though.  The talent on display there used to match and possibly even exceed the Crazy Paris Show at the Grand Lisboa, which was no small feat.


Galaxy Macau is situated between the Venetian and another Galaxy hotel, Broadway Macau.

General Information

Address: Avenida de Cotai, Cotai
Number of Rooms: 4618
Number of Tables: 400
Slot Machines: 1200

For more photos of Galaxy, please click the link: Galaxy Macau


  • The Grand Resort Deck, because 75,000 square meters of palm trees, pools and cabanas is Heaven on Earth.
  • Seven accommodation options for all walks (and tax brackets) of life, headlined by the Ritz-Carlton, Macau’s best hotel.
  • Casino with excellent player benefits.
  • Superlative dining highlighted by Urban Kitchen, Lai Heen and the Ritz-Carlton Cafe.
  • Fantastic bars and entertainment, whether you’re in the mood for whisky (Macallan Whisky Bar), women (Ritz-Carlton Bar) or 1930’s Shanghai (China Rouge)
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