Grand Lisboa Palace

General Information

Address: Rua do Tiro, Cotai, Macau
Number of Rooms: 1891
Number of Tables: 200
Slot Machines: 400

For more pictures please click here: Grand Lisboa Palace Photobook


  • Modern rooms soaked in style, designed by Karl Lagerfeld and Donatella Versace
  • Beautiful indoor and outdoor pools
  • A trio of above average lobby bars
  • Best foreigner VIP program in Macau
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Able Huang

Grand Liboa Palace has become one of my favorite casino resort in Macau. Nice bright casino with tall ceiling. One of the best place to play Blackjack with good rules. Except for no late surrenders. Many tables to choose from. Unlike at MGM or Wynn, where Blackjack tables are getting fewer. Minimum bet is 300. And maximum bet is 5,000 , so you can’t go tilt crazy. The only downside about the casino is that there are a few prowlers always bugging the players to let them double-down their hand for them. Quite annoying. As for the facility, it’s great.… Read more »

Able Huang

…From what I know, Wynn and MGM still offer late surrender. Wynn still has the same Blackjack rules as before. Except that players can no longer re-split aces.

Able Huang

Hmm. In July, I played at Wynn Macau and MGM Cotai. And they allowed late surrenders. And the dealers draw only 1 card at first(no whole cards) Hopefully they haven’t changed the rules again.