Grand Lisboa Palace

General Information

Address: Rua do Tiro, Cotai, Macau
Number of Rooms: 1891
Number of Tables: 200
Slot Machines: 500

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  • Modern rooms soaked in style, designed by Karl Lagerfeld and Donatella Versace
  • Beautiful indoor and outdoor pools
  • A trio of above average lobby bars
  • Best foreigner VIP program in Macau


(Last updated: April 27, 2024)


It only took SJM 15 years to finally set up shop in Cotai, with the grand opening of the Grand Lisboa Palace on July 31, 2021. Composed of three hotels and almost 2000 rooms, fashion icons Karl Lagerfeld and Donatella Versace were principal forces behind much of the property’s interior design and decor.  A far more authentic take on Europe than anything at the Parisian, the only difference is that Sands China was smart enough to put an Eiffel Tower out front, while the Grand Lisboa Palace counters with two majestic lobbies filled with abundant amounts of art, and a lame Secret Garden on the 3rd floor that disappoints more than it delights.

With ample time to see what’s worked in Cotai (Venetian, Parisian, Galaxy), and what hasn’t (Sands Cotai, Grand Waldo, Wynn Palace?), SJM went up and built a property reminiscent of a fairy tale castle in the Bavarian Alps.  The truth is that it probably belongs there too, with its bulky box like exterior rendered completely ineffectual minus all the mesmerizing scenery and mountains around it.  Offering zero appeal to walk in guests, the Grand Lisboa Palace is really only in play for travellers who want to stay inside all day and not go out.  With above average indoor and outdoor pools, scintillating restaurants and lobby bars, as well as picture perfect lobbies pimping pretty pieces of art, some parts of the Grand Lisboa Palace are indeed so beautiful that they could have come from one, but that’s got to be the icing on the cake, not the cake itself.

Stuck in a corner of Cotai so isolated that it might as well be Ka Ho Village in Coloane, Grand Lisboa Palace is the clear handiwork of a company that flourished for decades under a monopoly, yet has no idea how to stay on top now that it’s over.  It can and should be a lot better than it is.


Grand Lisboa Palace exterior
Grand Lisboa Palace
Karl Lagerfeld exterior
Karl Lagerfeld Macau
Grand Lisboa Palace check-in desk
Grand Lisboa Palace check-in desk
Palazzo Versace artwork
Palazzo Versace artwork
Karl Lagerfeld pool at the Grand Lisboa Palace
Karl Lagerfeld Pool
Karl Lagerfeld Chinese model
Karl Lagerfeld talent
A Walk Through the Woods in Autumn -Sergei Vinogradov
A Walk Through the Woods in Autumn -Sergei Vinogradov


A lot smaller than I thought it was going to be, the Grand Lisboa Palace casino is only composed of 200 tables, and around 400 slot machines.  Very reminiscent of the casino at Galaxy, only half the size, they recently added poker tables in August 2023.

Given the success of the Crazy Paris Show, which had been a mainstay at the Grand Lisboa and Lisboa for decades, I was half expecting to see a performance stage and bar somewhere, but there was no such luck.


Decent minimums at Grand Lisboa Palace, which is very refreshing in Cotai.

Baccarat -Sweet $500 minimums, which is unheard of on the Strip.

Commission Free Baccarat – Lows start from $500.

Blackjack – Minimum bet of $300, which we will definitely take in Cotai.

Caribbean Stud Poker – Caribbean Stud Poker starts from $300, which really means $900 after raising. Insanity, if you ask me.

Roulette – Inside and Outside minimums of $50 and $200.

Sic Bo – Even/Odd and Big/Small lows of $300.

Slot Machines – I counted around 500 machines, give or take.  They start from 5 cents and max out at $100, in the Dragon Pavilion slot lounge.  I haven’t seen a $100 machine in Macau in almost 10 years.

Live Gaming Baccarat is available for $20, $50, $100 and $200, while electronic games consist of Big Wheel ($10), Baccarat ($30), Blackjack ($50), Roulette ($30) and Sic Bo ($30).

Texas Hold ‘Em – Trusted sources say Texas Hold ‘Em is now available at the Grand Lisboa Palace, with a 6 table Poker Room spotted on August 18.  Blinds, buy ins, and rake caps are as follows.

Three Card Baccarat – Lows start from $300.

Three Card Poker – Tables start from $300.


Grand Lisboa Palace’s VIP program is slightly different to the one offered at the Grand Lisboa.

They also have a foreigner only room, which must be booked one day in advance. Given the low buy-in, it’s easily the best one in Macau, returning 1.1% after just $50,000.

Of course, if you plan to roll in excess of $15,000,000, then you should be able to snag 1.25% from another operator. Barring that, just go with the Grand Lisboa Palace every time, especially since they give straight cash back, instead of comp allowances you probably don’t want.


Grand Lisboa Palace is composed of three hotels: the Grand Lisboa Palace, Karl Lagerfeld, and Palazzo Versace.  With 1350 rooms the Grand Lisboa Palace is the largest and cheapest place to stay (around $1350), while the Karl Lagerfeld and Palazzo Versace boast identical rates (about $2100) and around 270 rooms.  Style is the name of the game with sweet room visuals surely the single largest drawing card of the hotel.  The Lagerfeld digs are big, bold and bodacious (think classic Wynn but in better taste), while the Versace quarters are far more classic and refined, featuring marble bathrooms, intricate bedding and a series of skilfully inserted prints and designs.

There are no better looking rooms in Cotai for the price, and if that’s your primary focus when choosing a place to stay, then look no further.  The lobbies, pools, and bars are almost just as exquisite, and given the exclusive nature of both hotels, you’ll probably have much of those common areas to yourself.

The Grand Lisboa Palace hotel rooms are far more conventional in comparison, making them far less appealing as a result.  The overarching problem with the Grand Lisboa Palace resort is that it’s so out of the way that a stay there doesn’t make sense unless you’re making the property a destination in itself.  In other words, the kind of hotel where you show up at check-in and only leave to go outside again at check-out.  We need a lap of luxury to make that approach viable, which the Grand Lisboa Palace hotel rooms aren’t swank enough to provide.  In other words, you’ve got to be palatial, not a pauper, for the Grand Lisboa Palace to make any sense.

Another major criticism of the property is just how hard it is to move around inside. If you’re circling the hallways on the ground floor to get somewhere you want to go, sometimes those hallways just stop.  You’ll inevitably be forced to turn around and find an elevator somewhere to get up to the third floor where everything is all interconnected.  It’s just a major hassle that shouldn’t be happening, especially when trying to get from the Lagerfeld to the Versace and vice versa.

Much like MGM Cotai, the Grand Lisboa Palace is awash in art, with most of it found in cavernous wide white hallways of the Grand Lisboa Palace Hotel.

Antique vases at Grand Lisboa Palace Macau

Per usual, antique Chinese vases feature prominently, while local architect Carlos Marrerios produced my favourite piece, entitled Serene Dawn of Tomorrow.

Grand Lisboa Palace Serene Dawn of Tomorrow - Carlos Marreiros
Serene Dawn of Tomorrow – Carlos Marreiros

It’s clear his artistic talent far outclasses his questionable reputation around town!


If you know a little about Lisboa and Grand Lisboa rooms, you know they’re a little sketch in terms of tactfulness and taste.  I was expecting the Grand Lisboa Palace to follow a similar path, but they kept it a lot more civil and restrained, going with a pleasant white and blue color scheme that’s far more vanilla corporate than unhinged insane.  At 60 square meters the rooms are sufficiently large, and the bathrooms are up to typical Lisboa standards, done up in exquisite marble with both a bathtub and a walk in shower.

Grand Lisboa Palace check-in desk

The only time they fell into old habits is with the Venus Suite, which just has to be seen to be believed. You know they wanted to do that everywhere but someone with good sense talked them out of it somehow.  For some reason those rooms don’t see available to the public though, perhaps reserved for high rolling casino guests only.

Rates below are in Macau Mops and include all tax and service charges.

Grand Lisboa Palace Quick Facts

General Enquiries

Tel: (853) 8881 8888
Fax: (853) 8881 8899

Hotel Reservations

Tel: (853) 8881 8000
China Toll Free: 400 8422188
Hong Kong Toll Free: 800 960288
Fax: (853) 8881 8099

Number of Hotel Rooms: 1350


Karl Lagerfeld is a name I was vaguely familiar with but didn’t really know anything about.  The creative director of Chanel, he brought the company back from the dead in the 1980s, stewarding the fashion house straight to the top of the industry.  Known for his signature white hair, black sunglasses and high collars, he was a controversial figure throughout his life, at times being labelled fat phobic and Islamophobic, while also drawing the ire of vegetarians, animal right supporters and advocates of the Me Too movement.  With quotes like “If you don’t want your pants pulled about, don’t become a model. Join a nunnery, there’ll always be a place for you in the convent”, you can kind of see how he ruffled feathers, but I’m generally a fan of anyone not afraid to speak their mind in these ridiculously repressive, cancel culture times.

Grand Lisboa Palace Karl Lagerfeld head statue

An avid book collector, he had amassed over 300,000 of them by the time of his death in 2019, which explains why the Book Lounge looks as nice as it does.

The world’s only hotel tower designed entirely by the fashion icon, Lagerfeld had a hand in putting together the look of the lobby, rooms, pool and spa.  Far more adventurous than the Grand Lisboa Palace digs, the eye candy is delectable and delicious, flashing busy carpet, wallpaper, lamps and vases.  I’d term it as a modern take on the 70s, just more tastefully done, and I’m behind them with everything I got.

Karl Lagerfeld check in desk at Grand Lisboa Palace

When most mid range rooms in Cotai start from $1500, $2100 is a good price to pay for the enhanced style, verve and comfort.

Karl Lagerfeld Hotel Quick Facts

General Enquiries

Tel: (853) 8881 3888
Fax: (853) 8881 3899

Hotel Reservations

Tel: (853) 8881 3000
China Toll Free: 400 8425133
Hong Kong Toll Free: 800 933133
Fax: (853) 8881 3099

Number of Rooms: 271

Karl Lagerfeld Hotel Room

On November 27, 2023, I stayed in the Grand Klassik Room at the Lagerfeld, which ran an even 1500 Mops, after going through Originally it was supposed to be a Klassik room, but got upgraded to a Grand Klassik, since it was my first time staying there.

Karl Lagerfeld Hotel Room

Compared to the Palazzo Versace, the Lagerfeld digs are 1000% better, in just about every shape, way and form.

Grand Klassik Hotel Bed

First off, the room was absolutely massive, checking in at an impressive 70 square meters. For some reason, it feels even larger when you’re inside, so good on them for creating the illusion of extra space.

Grand Klassik TV and artwork

Second of all, the room just oozed substance, style, and swag, or all the things fashion mavens like Karl Lagerfeld want to be associated with.

Karl Lagerfeld Macau bed decoration

From the big bad bed frame to the personalized Lagerfeld chairs, the immaculate wooden furniture to the pretty lamps and vases, the room was a collection of divergent elements that fit seamlessly together. The art on the wall matched the bed which matched the carpet which matched the colour scheme which matched the vases which matched the couches which matched the chairs.  It was a sweet synergy of style that Lagerfeld either put together himself, or had his minions produce, hopefully subject to his ultimate approval.

Karl Lagerfeld bathroom

About the only thing the bathroom was missing was a hot tub, but at this price point, that love was probably never forthcoming.

Karl Lagerfeld Macau bathtub

Instead you’re left with a sweet deep bathtub, walk in shower and one sink and mirror combo that puts the bad into badass.

Karl Lagerfeld Macau bathroom mirror

And who also doesn’t love toiletries that simply style as well?

Karl Lagerfeld toiletries

Among rooms in Macau, the Lagerfeld digs easily crack my top 5, with the other entrants being the old Lisboa, Altira, Ritz-Carlton, and Legend Palace.

Check in was quick, pleasant and easy, and included the room tour, which most high end properties in Macau do. It was awesome service indeed from the charming lady who conducted it, and we appreciated she used Chinese with us, so that both of us could understand what was being said, instead of just one person. At the Versace a day later, we weren’t so lucky. Movies cost $160 per flick while adult versions were not free as they are at the Lisboa and Grand Lisboa, going for $210 a pop. The minibar was stocked with pop, beer, water, tea and coffee, while welcome fruit and cake were waiting upon arrival.


The Versace rooms are a lot more elegant, and I’ll be visiting them very soon as well.  Fit for a Pope, the artistic direction was overseen by Italian fashion designer, socialite and model, Donatella Versace.  A tragic victim of vanity and Botox, I’m happy to say she’s done a much better job with the room aesthetics than what’s left of her face, which an uncharitable observer may describe as a hideous monstrosity.  Let’s just all age gracefully people and accept the truth of what that means.  The Fountain of Youth is a fallacy, as is chasing the fruit of a plastic surgeon’s scalpel.  

Alright, rant over!

Palazzo Versace check-in desk at Grand Lisboa Palace

Room furnishings are uniformly immaculate, coming right out of the Versace Home catalogue, while amenities and toiletries are exclusively Palazzo Versace brands.  There’s a lot to like here, with soft warm rooms and exquisite bedspreads that do indeed remind one of only one country in the world – the irresistibly gorgeous Italy.

Room rates follow below, and are identical to those at the Lagerfeld.

Palazzo Versace Quick Facts

General Enquiries

Tel: (853) 8881 8888
Fax: (853) 8881 8899
Number of Rooms: 270

Palazzo Versace Hotel Room

When I was making my Budget Hotel Guide in 2019, it shocked me how two hotels could cost the same price, yet be so radically different in terms of quality.  One place would cost $520 and be absolute trash, while another was $415 and miles better.  This phenomenon also occurs in high end hotels as well, since there’s no way that the Palazzo Versace ($2150) rooms should cost more than the Lagerfeld ($1500) rooms, let alone be $650 more expensive.  The Lagerfeld felt hip, happening, modern yet strangely classic at the same time, while the Versace was just a long, prolonged, not quite done and still going on, monster yawn.

Palazzo Versace

As was the case a day earlier, we got upgraded to a Premier Versace room, since we were first time guests.  And unlike a day earlier, we had nothing but a deflated feeling after entering the room.  After a quick look around the only question on my mind was “Is this it?”

Premier Versace room at Palazzo Versace Macau

Obviously aiming to be regal and resplendent, they got the party started but tapped out at 11 pm.  Certainly elements exist with the bed spread, pillows and chairs, but the desk, table, lights, and walls had none of that jazz and pizzazz.  Indeed the room felt a tad incomplete and contrived, with very little of the harmony and cohesion that wowed at the Lagerfeld.

Premier Versace room chairs and table at the Palazzo Versace Macau

One must give full marks though for the exquisite silk bedspread fit for an Emperor, which incidentally could be purchased for $21,000.  As it was, I was debuting my new pair of silk pajamas that day, and I half expected the intensity of our two soft fabrics rubbing together to start a fire.  Slipping, sliding, shucking and jiving, we entered palatial stratospheres unknown to those sad souls sporting suspect linen.

Premier Versace room bed at Palazzo Versace

The bathroom didn’t disappoint either, decked out in nice marble with pretty prints and designs.  There was also a makeup station present for women, and indeed everything in the Versace room felt feminized to some degree, perhaps making it appealing only to female travellers.

Contents in the mini bar were the exact same as what we got at the Lagerfeld: beer, coffee, tea, and soft drinks, while the welcome fruit and sweets were equivalent as well.  Unlike the Lagerfeld TV which welcomed me with my surname, the Versace TV just said “Welcome ______ ” while check in was a disappointment as well.  Perhaps she just wanted to show off her English but I find it nothing but rude when you speak Chinese to someone and they insist on speaking English back.

All in all, the battle for best room at the Grand Lisboa Palace ends in a resounding win for the Karl Lagerfeld.  Given that it’s cheaper too, you really can’t go wrong staying there.


Clearly intended to be a main feature of Grand Lisboa Palace, Jardim Secreto is a pretty lacklustre common area found on Level 3.

Secret Garden at the Grand Lisboa Palace Macau

It’s really only useful for getting good shots of the hotel exterior, which are tough to come by when circling the property outside.

Jardim Secreto at Grand Lisboa Palace

Other than that, it’s not a place I’d visit a second time.


Dining is a huge plus at the Grand Lisboa, as it currently offers three restaurants with Michelin stars: Robuchon Au Dome (3 stars), Eight (3 stars) and the Kitchen (1 star). That’s to say, SJM really values their eats, and I wouldn’t be surprised if two or three of these joints from Grand Lisboa Palace are featured in the 2024 Michelin Guide.

Let’s start off with the marquee venues described as “Destination Dining”.

Don Alfonso 1890 – I first saw Don Alfonso 1890 at the Grand Lisboa over a decade ago. The restaurant was then changed to Casa Don Afonso around 2017 years ago, becoming a more casual dining venue. Safe to say the white tablecloths and fancy bling are back out again at this iteration.

Serving classic Italian dishes from the Sorrento Peninsula and Amalfi Coast, appetizers run $288 to $888, while pasta is $288 to $588 and seafood and meat favourites $488 to $888. Larger sharing dishes for 2 people run $1088 to $2088 with some examples being seafood casserole, Marango T-bone steak, and caviar platters.

At night, a 4 course set runs $1488, or $588 with wine.

Located on level 3 of the Palazzo Versace Macau, Don Alfonso 1890 keeps hours daily from 6:00 pm to 11:30 pm. It’s closed on Tuesdays.

Palace Garden – Another restaurant designed by Alan Chan, the same man who put together 8 and China Rouge, Palace Garden serves Cantonese cuisine.

Prices are totally acceptable considering the immaculate space, highlighted by traditional Suzhou embroidery, gorgeous double sided fans and a pristine 35 foot long mural of chrysanthemums. The private dining rooms are totally fit for an Emperor as well.

Appetizers run $108 to $428, while barbecue is $168 to $888, and soup $138 to $1088. Dried seafood is a pricey $498 to $1888, while recommendations touch $228 to $468 and poultry and meat favorites $268 to $600. The rest of the menu is rounded off by seafood ($338 to $598), vegetables ($138 to $228), and rice and noodles ($88 to $428).

A lot of dim sum is available at lunch, mostly going for $68 to $168, while two different 6 course sets run $638 and $1238 respectively.

It gets even more expensive at night, with two 8 course Prestige sets $2388 and $3688. If you prefer wine instead, add $888 and $1688.

Located on Level 3 of the Grand Lisboa Palace, hours daily are from 12:00 pm to 2:30 pm, and 6:30 pm to 10:00 pm. Garden Palace is closed on Tuesdays.

Zuicho – Grand Lisboa Palace’s Japanese restaurant emphasizes “kappo” cuisine, which is some sort of special relationship between the chef and diner. Offering only sets, the one at lunch runs $2000 for 8 courses, while evening options increase in price and size to 9 courses ($2500), and 11 courses ($3500).

Located on Level 3 of the Karl Lagerfeld, Zuicho only opens for lunch on the weekends from 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm. Dinner dining is split into two sessions, one from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm and another from 8:30 pm to 10:30 pm. Zuicho is closed on Mondays.

Mesa by Jose Avillez – Mesa takes a stab at contemporary Portuguese dining, and whenever I hear the word “contemporary” in a restaurant setting, I head for the hills. Fortunately, the prices don’t seem too far out of line though, with small hot and cold bites $98 to $138, while hot and cold appetizers are $98 to $368. Mains are limited to just three options: vegetarian ($188 to $248), seafood and fish ($168 to $988), and meat ($268 to $498).

On Sunday afternoon, they do a Matinee menu composed of 3 courses which runs $488 for adults and $288 for children. Coffee, tea, and soft drinks are all included.

Located on Level 3 of the Karl Lagerfeld, Mesa only opens for lunch on weekends from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Dinner happens daily from 6:00 pm to 10:30 pm, except on Mondays, when it’s closed.

The rest of Grand Lisboa Palace’s restaurants are termed Signature Dining.

The Grand Buffet – The Grand Buffet is back! It used to be a Grand Lisboa staple for years and was the biggest buffet I’d ever seen, offering a selection two to three times more than other restaurants. I remember the buffet line never seemed to stop, it just kept winding around counters to whole new rooms. While this new one at Grand Lisboa Palace isn’t that big, the quality is probably higher, with a comprehensive chilled seafood section and Macau’s only dedicated outdoor BBQ pit.

Prices for adults and children are as follows:

Located on Level 3 of the Grand Lisboa Palace, breakfast is from 7:00 am to 10:30 am, while lunch is from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm, and dinner 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

Hua Ting – Hua Ting serves Shanghai and Huaiyang dishes, the latter of which is becoming very popular in Macau.  Prices are pretty decent across the board, with appetizers $68 to $138, soup $88 to $118 and seafood $128 to $888.  The rest of the menu is comprised of poultry and meat ($128 to $738), vegetables ($98 to $188), and rice, noodles, and dim sum ($68 to $148).

Located on Level 2, Hua Ting is closed on Wednesdays.  On weekdays, it’s only open at night from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm.  On weekends, they open for lunch from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm, and again for dinner from 6:00 pm to 9:30 pm.

Chalou – Alan Lam is back again, putting the design touches on yet another Grand Lisboa restaurant. Judging from the pictures on the website, he didn’t come close to matching his previous efforts at 8 and Palace Garden, but it’s still a pleasant, comfortable space nonetheless.

Serving Cantonese food, it’s pretty affordable for an Alam Lan venue, with Chef’s recommendations $138 to $688, cold dishes $48 to $128 and barbecue favourites $98 to $388.  Soup stays in the $58 to $288 range, while Cantonese dishes are $88 to $168 and vegetarian selections $98.  The menu is rounded off by noodles for $88 to $168 and rice plates for $108 to $188.

At lunch, dim sum is served for $48 to $88 per order.

Closed on Mondays, Chalou keeps hours daily from 11:30 am to 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.  On weekends they open an hour earlier at 10:00 am.

Wulao – Taiwanese hotpot for your dining pleasure at Wulao.

It doesn’t look like it will necessarily cost a fortune either, as the soup broth is just $10 to $98, while cold dishes are $48 to $88 and vegetables $48 to $108.  Beef ($78 to $688) and seafood ($48 to $728) buck the trend and don’t come cheap, while meat ($78 to $188), dumplings ($28 to $78), and meatballs and paste ($58 to $138) are more appropriately priced.

As I’ve said in other reviews, it might be best to save hotpot for the mainland, as it’s usually half the price here.

Wulao keeps hours daily from 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm.


As some fat guy from the 70’s once sang, two out of three ain’t bad.  The Lagerfeld and Grand Lisboa Palace gyms are both outstanding, totally fit of five star status.  For some reason, Versace guests get the shaft, with a space so small and pathetic it’s not even advertised on the website.  Totally unacceptable, here’s hoping that’s just a temporary issue and they will open a proper one in the future.

In terms of free spa amenities, guests from all three hotels only have one option, and that’s the change room at the Grand Lisboa Palace.  Although it’s outfitted with a sauna, steam and hot tub, it’s extremely small, and certainly won’t hold up to the demand of a 2000 room hotel.  If you need something larger and more exclusive, you’ll have to pay for a treatment in one of the resort’s three spas.


Six pools for three hotels is math that I can get behind.  Each hotel has their own indoor and outdoor pools, adjacent to Jardim Secreto on Level 3.

Grand Lisboa Palace

The largest indoor pool at Grand Lisboa Palace belongs to the Grand Lisboa Palace hotel, and they definitely need it, given they have 1500 rooms.  Located on Level 3, it’s open daily from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Grand Lisboa Palace indoor swimming pool

An outdoor pool is also present, but they wouldn’t let me take pictures of it since I was wearing shoes.  Judging from the pictures on the website, it’s larger than the outdoor pools at Lagerfeld and Versace.  Closed from November to April, it’s open daily from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Palazzo Versace

Gorgeous little pool at Palazzo Versace, and given the hotel only has 200 rooms, it should never be too busy.

Palazzo Versace pool

I snuck into the Versace pools via the Jardim Secreto on a day when a typhoon signal was up and it was technically closed.  Hence there are no chairs or lounging furniture present, but I’m sure they’d have them otherwise.

Outdoor Palazzo Versace pool at Grand Lisboa Palace

Karl Lagerfeld

The Lagerfeld pool is a work of art, with the wall drawings straight out of Karl Lagerfeld’s sketchbook.

Karl Lagerfeld Macau indoor pool

No indoor pool in Macau looks better, while the one outside slays as well.

Outdoor Pool at Karl Lagerfeld Macau

And just because we’re in a Lagerfeld hotel, that means we should be surrounded by beautiful people as well.  Rocking a body that might have changed Karl Lagerfeld’s sexual persuasion had he still been around to see it, this smoking mainland babe asked me to take photos of her while I was taking pics of the pool.

Karl Lagerfeld pool Chinese model in bikini

Hope she sees this one day and contacts me shortly thereafter for a night on the town.  Although my calendar is quite full, I should be able to work her in somehow!

As David Bowie once sang, “God is a young man, too!”


No shortage of spas at the Grand Lisboa Palace, with each hotel offering a place to relax and rejuvenate.

The Spa at Grand Lisboa Palace – Located on Level 3, massage costs $1100 to $1150 for 60 minutes, while 90 minutes runs $1550, and $2200 for two hours.  60 or 90 minute facials cost $1600 to $2200 while 45 to 90 minute body treatments are $950 to $2200.  They also have four longer multi-day packages for $4950 to $9550, with treatments scheduled over 2 or 3 days.

Closed on Tuesdays, the Spa at Grand Lisboa Palace is open daily from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

The Spa at Karl Lagerfeld – Karl Lagerfeld designed the interior of the spa too, and much like the indoor pools, the treatment rooms do look impressive.  What follows are the peak prices that are in effect on weekends and public holidays.

150 minute treatments cost $3800, while 60 to 90 minute facials range from $2030 to $2740.  Hour long body treatments are $1630 to $2380 while 60 minute massage is $1630.  There are also four 60 minute experiences that go from $1630 to $1830.

Located on Level 3, the Spa at Karl Lagerfeld keeps hours daily from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm.  It’s closed on Wednesdays.

Spa at Palazzo Versace – Extremely limited menu at the Spa at Palazzo Versace, yet desk staff assured me they were the best spa at Grand Lisboa Palace.  That’s because they’re the only one that provides hammam treatment, which translates to a body scrub exfoliation using Italian brands.

Facials and massage are the only treatments currently available, with 75 to 90 minute facials setting you back $1500 to $2100.  60 minute massage runs $1680 to $1880 while 90 minute treatments are $1880 to $2288.

Located on Level 3, the Spa at Palazzo Versace is open daily from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm.  It’s closed on Mondays.


Put me in charge of SJM and there’d be zero chance I’m building anything in Cotai without a large scale entertainment extravaganza backing it up.  Granted, Macau has only pulled off one successful show in its history, the House of Dancing Water at City of Dreams, but they haven’t exactly tried doing much else either.  If that’s too ambitious, how does a museum dedicated to the life and times of Stanley Ho sound?  Given that his family runs SJM, they’d have access to all the personal effects and back stories they’d need to make it extremely informative, interesting and comprehensive.

As it stands now, the Grand Lisboa Palace is a fat 0 in the entertainment department, unless you include the Lisboeta hotel next door, a property they also own.  Marketed as Macau’s first Macau themed destination, it’s Party Central for kids, offering everything from cinemas to zip lines, seriously hi tech sky diving simulators to simple ball pits and arcade games.

If you want to cheat and call it the spare entertainment wing of the Grand Lisboa Palace, then entertainment at the Palace would be a significant plus!

In 2024, they added some AI zones for children, neither of which are probably any good.

Martial Arts Arena – Using a VR headset, children learn Kung Fu moves from a master, then progress up seven levels of challenges, utilizing boxing, kick boxing and other martial art skills.

60 minute access for 1 adult and 1 child aged 5 to 8 is $130 on weekdays and $160 on weekends and summer holidays.

Hours daily are from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm.

AI Wonderland at Grand Lisboa Palace Macau
AI Wonderland

AI Wonderland – AI Wonderland appears to be more educational, allowing children to catch a glimpse of AI’s power, scope, and potential.  Using different AI devices, they play different games, see which innovations are in the works, and perhaps begin to understand what ultimately might destroy the world in the next 50 years.  Fun times, as always, at Grand Lisboa Palace!

Located next to Martial Arts Arena, AI Wonderland keeps the same hours and costs the same thing.


Each lobby has a gorgeous bar that serves food, drinks, and afternoon tea.  Grand Lisboa Palace is so deficient in other areas that their lobby bars are actual highlights of the hotel.

The Book Lounge – Designed after Karl Lagerfeld’s study in Paris, the Book Lounge is one sharp looking space.  I don’t know if you’re allowed to read the books or not, but it would be awesome if so.

The Book Lounge at the Grand Lisboa Palace

Not overly expensive, salad, soups, sandwiches cost $128 to $238 while seafood and meat favourites are $228 to $588.  Glasses of champagne are $160, while white wine is $100 to $130 and red wine $100 to $170.  Full bottles will set you back $750 (champagne), $480 to $600 (white wine), and $480 to $800 (red wine).  Cocktails are either $88 or $128, while beer is $48 to $68 and hard stuff $85 to $110.  Other beverages include soda, juice, coffee, and tea for $48 to $65.

Afternoon tea is a big attraction from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm, running a very expensive $688 for 2.  If you prefer champagne instead (and we know you do), it’s $988.

They also have an attractive looking cake menu, with 1 pound varieties on for $388 and 2 pound monsters $588.  Eclairs are also available for $68 (1), $198 (3), and $388 (6) while macarons are $99 (3), $188 (6), $368 (12), and $558 (20).

Located in the Karl Lagerfeld lobby, the Book Lounge keeps hours daily from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm.

La Scala del Palazzo – La Scala del Palazzo looks like it should be in the Lisboa somewhere, with its soft aqua tones, mirrors, chandeliers, and heavy 1970s style wall decor.  Apparently it’s a tribute to Gianni’s Versace’s photo shoot for his last “Atelier” haute couture collection, whatever that decadence was.  Even though nothing in there is exactly easy on the eyes, I still strangely dig it.

La Scala del Palazzo at Grand Lisboa Palace

Prices are similar to the Book Lounge, with salads and sandwiches $188 to $248, soup $138, and pasta $188 to $298.  There’s also an all day Kids menu for $68 to $148.

Cocktails range in price from $118 to $138, while glasses of wine are $100 to $170 and full bottles $450 to $800.  Italian liquor is a reasonable $78 to $98, while spirits are $88 to $568 and beer $70 or $80.

Afternoon tea is held on Friday to Sunday afternoons from 2:30 pm to 6:00 pm, for a pretty outrageous $888 for 2.  Most of it appears to be sweets, although there is also some lobster, sandwiches and foie gras.

Located in the Palazzo Versace lobby, La Scala del Palazzo keeps hours daily from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm.

GLP Lobby Lounge – Another pretty venue, the GLP Lobby Lounge is going for an open air garden concept, highlighted by plenty of space and brightly lit crystal tree.

The cheapest of the three lobby bars, appetizers, salads and sandwiches cost $108 to $148, while soup is $108 and noodles $88 to $128.  Main meat and pasta favourites will set you back $158 to $488, while rice dishes are $88 or $128 and desserts $58 to $98.

GLP Lobby Lounge at Grand Lisboa Palace

Getting to the good stuff, glasses of champagne are $160, while white wine is $80 to $130 and red wine $100 to $120.  If you prefer full bottles, they run $750 (champagne), $350 to $600 (white wine) and $480 to $550 (red wine).  They also offer cocktails ($95 to $98), beer ($75 to $80), and spirits ($85 to $90).

Cakes cost $288 for 1 pound and $388 for 2 pounds.  If you want 3 pounds or more, they can tailor make one for you.

Located in the Grand Lisboa Palace West Lobby, GLP Lobby Lounge is open daily from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Bar Carat – After visiting the Grand Lisboa Palace 3 or 4 times, I’ve yet to stumble across Bar Carat while walking around.  The menu is tiny, offering just dessert ($68 to $88), drinks ($40 to $48), coffee ($45) and juice ($55).  As for alcoholic beverages, there’s beer ($45 to $65), glasses of wine ($60 to $100), and bottles of wine ($250 to $450).

Located somewhere on the ground floor of the Grand Lisboa Palace, Bar Carat opens daily from 12:00 pm to 3:00 am.


In comparison to other hotels in Cotai, the Grand Lisboa Palace boasts a very unimpressive shopping quarter.  Limited in scope to pretty much the first floor, there might only be about 30 retail outlets in total.

Grand Lisboa Palace Chloe shop

While most of the usual suspects are present (Rolex, Cartier, CDF Beauty, Dior, Valentino), it’s a far cry from the comprehensive selection of shops found at Galaxy, Wynn Palace and Venetian.

Grand Lisboa Palace shopping mall


When you’re the last one in on a deal, you’re supposed to have an advantage.  SJM seems to have squandered that edge though, electing to erect a stylish sanctuary in a part of town that just doesn’t value them.  The first Cotai resort that can marry mass appeal (think Londoner and Venetian) with truly impeccable standards and quality (think Four Seasons) will have truly broken new ground, something I hoped Grand Lisboa Palace would be the first to do.  As it is, they got the latter half of the equation right, but fell woefully short on addressing the first part, which is too extreme of a swing to be successful in 2023.  While the building blocks are there to be something truly great, Grand Lisboa Palace is far too incomplete to ever reach that level.


The Grand Lisboa Palace has the worst location of any Cotai Strip casino.  To get to the Venetian, for example, might take around 20 minutes on foot.  If you live here, you’re probably going to have to resort to cabs, which is just asking for trouble in Macau.

General Information

Address: Rua do Tiro, Cotai, Macau
Number of Rooms: 1891
Number of Tables: 200
Slot Machines: 500

For more pictures please click here: Grand Lisboa Palace Photobook


  • Modern rooms soaked in style, designed by Karl Lagerfeld and Donatella Versace
  • Beautiful indoor and outdoor pools
  • A trio of above average lobby bars
  • Best foreigner VIP program in Macau
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Able Huang

Grand Liboa Palace has become one of my favorite casino resort in Macau. Nice bright casino with tall ceiling. One of the best place to play Blackjack with good rules. Except for no late surrenders. Many tables to choose from. Unlike at MGM or Wynn, where Blackjack tables are getting fewer. Minimum bet is 300. And maximum bet is 5,000 , so you can’t go tilt crazy. The only downside about the casino is that there are a few prowlers always bugging the players to let them double-down their hand for them. Quite annoying. As for the facility, it’s great.… Read more »

Able Huang

…From what I know, Wynn and MGM still offer late surrender. Wynn still has the same Blackjack rules as before. Except that players can no longer re-split aces.

Able Huang

Hmm. In July, I played at Wynn Macau and MGM Cotai. And they allowed late surrenders. And the dealers draw only 1 card at first(no whole cards) Hopefully they haven’t changed the rules again.

Able Huang

I’ve just gotten back from GLP. Here are a few updates: They have a Poker room. Rakes are at 5%, with caps. Although their table are not very inviting. They look like temporary tables, next to an escalator. Not very well lid. They do get good action in the evenings. At lease 4 tables running. Wynn Macau still has the best Poker room. They are still pretty loose on giving comp rooms. Even during Chinese new year I was able to extend my stay for days. With just a few hours of play, playing minimum bets. *Just to clarify about… Read more »


Able, when the prowlers tried to double down your hand for you, could you tell the dealer that you want to play your own chips your way? I ran into this issue in Macau multiple times, and different casinos handled it differently. Diamond (RIP) once let a guy bust my hand against a sure dealer break. Grand Lisboa would let people back bet, but the choice on how to play the hand remained mine.

Able Huang

Those are 2 different Blackjack scenarios : back-betting & doubling downs. In terms of doubling down for others, of course you can always refuse others that try to double-down for you. I’m just surprise that casinos still allow those plowlers to bother players. I was playing Blackjack at The Venetians’ . And every time that some one gets and 11, some bystanders would just throw chips on the table demanding that the player would use their chips to double-down for them. Regarding back-betting, it’s good to hear from you that Grand Lisboa now let you control your own hand. I… Read more »


They have a promotion currently which awards a free weekday room for 25 points earnt in a day. Weekend rooms are 35 points and the fancier rooms can be had for a premium too.

As a drive-by slot player I never earn 25 points in a day. It’d be great to get a room by schmoozing with a host.


I just noticed these guys have been giving me 10 Pataca coins for my slot tickets. Is that common in Macau? I know I’m being fussy; but given how bureaucratic they are with using the calculator everytime at the cashier to perform basic addition (eg 980 + 20), discriminating between points earnt at Grand Lisboa and Grand Lisboa Palace (which are totalled indistinguishably in their app) and refusing to give me a cup of milk for a coffee voucher; that really rubs me the wrong way.


Turns out there’s a sign stipulating that they may do this. So I guess it’s permissable.