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(Last updated: May 20, 2020)


Sometimes location can make a hotel totally irrelevant and that’s the absolute case with the Macau Roosevelt.  They like to market it as part of the Cotai Strip, but it’s actually stuck in no man’s land by the racehorse track, about a 30 minute walk from the Galaxy.  Under no circumstances would I ever consider staying at this hotel, unless I got to live there for free, and someone covered my transportation expenses.

When plans for the Roosevelt were announced in 2015, the words were big and the vision was brash.  Modelling itself on the iconic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel that opened in LA in 1927, it promised to bring all the sex, scandals and seductions of 1950’s Tinseltown to Macau, with an exotic retro twist.

Think big and then think bigger: think Marilyn and Marlon, think Jimmy and Liz, all at the height of their powers and in their prime, larger than life and still alive.  With fever and flamboyance, the Roosevelt Macau was going to feature an exclusive nightclub, wine and cigar lounge, movie screening rooms, private pools and cabanas, and be the new hot spot for VIP’s, high rollers, fashion mavens and music stars alike to mix, mingle and be seen.   A modern Hollywood Revival was coming to Macau, and the Roosevelt was going to be at the center of it all.

Fast forward to the hotel’s grand opening in July 2017 and all those bold words are nothing but marketing bluster and broken dreams.  Nothing about the hotel screams Hollywood, glamour or seduction; there’s no nightlife, no celebrity, no pageantry, no pomp, no circumstance and quite frankly, no hope.  Without a doubt, the future business of this hotel will rely heavily on tour groups and uninformed guests who’ve made a big mistake.

Macau Roosevelt Photo Gallery

Macau Roosevelt Hotel
Macau Roosevelt Hotel
Macau Roosevelt pool
Macau Roosevelt Pool
Varandas Restaurant and Bar
Varandas Restaurant and Bar


The Jockey Club casino has to be the worst one in all of Macau.  They’re trying to get a Poker Room going but it’s got no shot at success.  Whoever made that call needs to be shown the door ASAP.  Just what in the F did they expect was going to happen?  Poker rooms failed at Wynn Cotai, at Galaxy, at the City of Dreams, and yet the Macau Roosevelt is supposed to drum up serious action?  Are they being serious here?

Other than the poker tables which I’ve never seen anyone using, there are also two Baccarat tables with $1000 minimums.

The casino used to have a VIP presence when it first opened, but the operator pulled the plug less than 6 months in.

Move along people, there’s nothing to see here.


Baccarat – Minimums start from $1000.

Texas Hold ‘Em – Blinds are $50/$100, $100/$200, $300/$600 and $1000/$2000.  No one speaks English and there are never any players.  It’s depressing as hell.


Um, no.


The 13 floor Macau Roosevelt offers 368 rooms and suites.  If the hotel were actually located on the Cotai Strip then maybe I could get behind it and endorse it, but you’ll be a long way from anywhere if you choose to stay here.

Macau Roosevelt lobby

Room prices are as follows including all tax and service charges.

If you go through Agoda or Booking,com though, Superior Twin rooms should be closer in price to $850 Mops per night.

Word to the wise about the Suite Sea Twin as well.  There really isn’t much water in this part of Taipa, just a narrow channel that separates Zhuhai from Macau.  Back during the dark days of my 3 year entry ban, I was scouting it heavily as a possible place to swim in under cover of the night.  Oh the memories!  Oh the desperation!


The Macau Roosevelt is up to 2 restaurants, with the unveiling of the Dragon Chinese Restaurant.

Dragon Chinese Restaurant – Dragon Chinese Restaurant looks quite upscale but the prices don’t match.  Rice and noodle dishes are only $98 to $108, while barbecue meat is $88 to $320 and vegetables $88 to $268.  Meat and seafood favourites run $88 to $268, while soup is $98 to $3800.  $3800 for a bowl of soup is… interesting to say the least.

At lunch dim sum takes over, with most selections under $45.

There’s also a 5 course set meal available for only $398, which can be enjoyed by 4 people.

Located on the 2nd Floor, Dragon Chinese Restaurant keeps hours from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm daily.  On Sundays they open an hour earlier at 10:00 am.

Varandas Restaurant and Bar – Varandas does a mix of Asian and Western dishes at reasonable prices.  Starters go for $138 to $178, while salad is $68 to $118 and soup $45 to $78.  Main meat dishes like pork, chicken and lamb run $168 to $288, while some premium steaks really push the beef prices up, which range from $208 to $1388.  There’s a lot of seafood ($198 to $498) on the menu, while cod itself is $208.

For wine lovers, they have cold cut platters ($118 to $158) and cheese selections ($68 to $108), while pizza and pasta are $108 to $298.  Rice dishes, finally, go for $138 to $358.

In the morning, there are two breakfast options, a set meal and a buffet, which strangely cost the same thing, only $128.

As for drinks, bottled beers are only $40 to $45, while the draft beers from the tap are $48 to $62.  Most hard stuff stays between $65 and $170, although whisky ($65 to $300) and cognac ($25 to $250) will have you paying a bit more.  There’s also a good selection of shooters ($50 to $68), cocktails ($55 to $108) and bottles of wine, be it champagne ($780 to $2557) or red and white ($168 to $832).

Macau Roosevelt Varandas Restaurant and Bar

The restaurant is reminiscent of one big canteen, with no scene, soul or splendor.  With such an abundance of space though, I’m sure the tour groups will eat comfortably there every morning.

Varandas Restaurant and Bar pool table

Hours are from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm daily.


The Macau Roosevelt has a nice outdoor pool, with great views of the adjacent Jockey Club.

Macau Roosevelt Hotel outdoor pool

It has the potential to be a pretty happening place, especially if the hotel ever gets around to holding those super seductive pool parties mentioned on the website.  Barring that, I don’t think live in guests will use it that much, which might obliterate much of the appeal.

Small outside pool at Macau Roosevelt Hotel

Hours are from 8 am to 10 pm daily.


Along with the pool, the only other highlight at the Macau Roosevelt  is the fitness center.  It rocks a lot of space, as well as enough free weights and heavy duty exercise equipment to get the job done.

Getting a full workout there definitely won’t be a problem.

Macau Roosevelt gym

Located on the third floor, hours are from 8 am to 10 pm daily


The Roosevelt has one pathetic lounge adjacent to the lobby called Swiss Time.  Give it another 6 months and I wager it’ll be shuttered for good too.

Consisting only of beverages with no food available, the small menu consists of coffee and tea ($60), soft drinks ($50 to $60), beer ($85) and cognac and whisky ($150 to $300).

I have no idea what time Swiss Time keeps, but does it really matter anyway?


Unless you have some reason to stay near the Jockey Club (and most travelers never do), then the Macau Roosevelt should be completely off your radar.  I’d wager that visitors there probably have to drop at least $300 a day on taxi fares just to get around, and given the current state of Macau taxis, that’s not something you want to be doing (especially at night).

Sunset at Macau Roosevelt Hotel
A sunset for fallen stars

Besides that, Marilyn and Marlon, Jimmy and Liz, they’re all in the ground and have been for a long time, much like the 1950’s Hollywood glamour at the Macau Roosevelt.  The truth is they didn’t even try.


The Macau Roosevelt is situated beside the Macau Jockey Club, in a completely uninteresting part of Taipa, bereft of both action and intrigue.

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