L’Arc Macau

General Information

Address: Avenida 24 de Junho, NAPE
Number of Rooms: 284
Number of Tables: 45
Slot Machines: Zero


  • Not a single one, when you consider how expensive the hotel is.



The Maven Meter: L’Arc Macau Casino & Hotel

(Last updated: April 27, 2024)


SJM started constructing a colossally great Neoclassic structure in the spirit of the superb Paris landmark, L’Arc De Triomphe, then quit a third of the way through.  The tower section that makes up most of the hotel is in no way similar to its grand ground base, a whirlwind rendition of resplendent Old World charm, featuring barred balconies, wide arching windows, and white pillars.

L'Arc Macau Hotel

They definitely should have continued that theme all the way to the top of the hotel, rather than leaving it looking like some bland office building.

L'Arc Macau casino and hotel

One of the newer casinos on the old Peninsula, L’Arc opened on September 20th, 2009.


L'Arc Macau hotel and casino
L’Arc Macau
L'Arc Macau Hotel lobby
L’Arc Hotel Lobby
L'Arc Macau lobby art
Lobby Art


L’Arc’s casino used to span two levels, but only the ground floor is open now.

Baccarat – Minimum bet of $500.

Commission Free Baccarat – Minimums of $300.

Sic Bo – 5 different bets offered, the Big/Small low is $100.


L’Arc’s rolling chip program returns 1.0% cash back on amounts rolled over $10,000.  That’s very fair for Macau these days.


When I first started covering casinos in 2010, rooms at L’Arc routinely cost twice as much.  Blame it on the VIP market crashing and burning in 2015, which Macau still hasn’t properly recovered from.

The L’Arc website is totally useless for booking rooms, so shop around Trip.com, Agoda and Booking.com to get the lowest rates.

Prices below are in Macau Mops and include all tax and service charges.

My advice would be to stay across the street at New Orient Landmark instead, which is not only a better hotel, but about $500 cheaper as well.

L'Arc Macau Hotel lobby and escalators


L’Arc has 4 main restaurants and I would recommend eating at exactly 0 of them.  There’s also cheap 24 hour fast food fare available next to the casino on the 1st floor, which I didn’t bother going to.

Coffee Shop – Coffee Shop deals in International Buffet twice daily, mostly consisting of Thai cuisine along with some very limited seafood.

Prices for adults and children are as follows.

Please note that patrons over 60 years of age get 40% off.

Located on the 4th floor, hours are from 12:00 pm to 2:30 pm and 6:30 pm to 10:00 pm.

L’Arc Chinese Restaurant – Located on the 4th floor,  L’Arc Chinese Restaurant specializes in Guangdong fare.

Chef’s Recommendations are $118 to $338, while premium fare like sashimi, abalone, shark’s fin and bird’s cost between $158 to $2888.  Appetizers run $58 to $158, soup $68 to $1388, while poultry is $138 to $488.  Less expensive choices include vegetables ($118 to $188), casserole ($128 to $298), northern and southern specialties ($138 to $158), and simple rice dishes ($148 to $198).

L’Arc Chinese Restaurant is open daily from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm, and from 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm at night.  On weekends, they open an hour earlier for lunch.

Festive Hall – Festive Hall is dealing in hotpot with a twist, with some sort of “One Person One Pot” self- service system.  After going there, I still don’t know what it’s all about, since exactly 0 menus are in English.  I was able to glean though that lunch sets go for $88 per person, while evening hot pot choices are composed of broth ($38 to $88), seafood ($88 to $438), meat ($88 to $398), fish balls ($98 to $138), and snacks ($38 to $188).  All in all, those are totally decent prices for hot pot in Macau.

Single bowls of noodles are also available on their own for $128.

Located on the 3rd Floor, Festive Hall is open everyday from 11:30 am to 3:00 pm and 5:30 pm to 11:30 pm.

Old Shanghai Restaurant – They may call the restaurant “Old Shanghai”, but it just looks like general Chinese fare to me, with dim sum $60 to $70, Sichuan staples $380 to $580, and braised pork $70 to $280.  Appetizers run $60 to $480, while barbecue is $68 to $880, and soup $50 to $780.  The priciest dishes, as always, are abalone ($260 to $2300), sharks fin ($380 to $4800), and bird’s nest ($68 to $480), while vegetables ($80 to $98), crispy rice ($198 to $220), and mains ($60 to $480) are more appropriately priced.

Located on the 3rd floor, Old Shanghai Restaurant is open daily from 10:30 am to 11:30 pm.


If you get thirsty, L’Arc has two places to drink.

L’Arc Lounge – Located in the lobby, L’Arc Lounge serves beers, drinks and small desserts.

L'Arc lounge Macau

Afternoon tea runs $98 per person, and includes a small buffet of sweets and pastries.  They have another set that runs $198 for 2, which comes with slightly better goodies.

As of July 2023, they might be running the best lobby bar deal in Macau history.  Buy 1 Get 1 Free cocktails are just $38, which translates to about $2.35 US per drink.  Unreal!  If you prefer beer, two Heinekens are on for $38 as well.

That is some sweet value in a town that often fails to offer any.

L’Arc Lounge opens from 10 am to 11:30 pm everyday.

Club 9 Night Club & Karaoke – After doing these reviews for almost a decade, I finally made an appearance at Club 9 to see what it was all about.  Arriving at about 9:00 pm on a Saturday night, I was told that all of the singing rooms were booked, but I could still go to a room with a girl for $4000.

For some strange reason, the only other people waiting in the rather large lobby/entrance room were obviously very well off 35 to 50 year old Asian women flashing all of kinds of fine clothes and fancy bling.  They obviously didn’t work there, so what were they doing hanging around a KTV whore joint on a Saturday night, all dressed to the nines?

The only conclusion that I can draw?

Asia has their fair share of freaks too, my friends!!


L’Arc’s outdoor swimming pool is unheated and shuts down every year from January to March.

L'Arc Macau Hotel pool

A luxury hotel that can’t heat an outdoor pool is just taking the piss, if you ask me.

L'Arc Macau Hotel outdoor swimming pool


L’Arc’s fitness centre is an absolute joke.  Consisting of six cardio machines and some free weights, it’s obviously very unbecoming of a five star hotel.


The privately owned Victoria Sauna operates out of the 5th floor in the back of the hotel.  To find it walk by Lobby Bar on the ground floor then follow the signs.

Now completely legit in these post Covid times, the door pass costs $598 for 12 hours.  Besides one Shanghai massage for $998, the other treatments are short 20 minutes services that run $198 to $238.  Some of the ones I saw advertised included head massage, shoulder massage, manicures, and pedicures.

For L’Arc guests, the only free spa facilities are a sauna for the men on the 9th floor, while women have access to a steam room.


L’Arc is nice to look at, but that’s about all it’s good for.  As a hotel or casino option, it’s completely inconsequential.

L'Arc Macau Hotel and Casino


L’Arc Macau is in the middle of all the action on the Amizade strip, surrounded by MGMStarworld and Wynn.

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