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Address: Avenida D’Amizade
Number of Rooms: 164
Number of Tables: 13
Slot Machines: 0


  • $10 Live Gaming Baccarat, the lowest in Macau

The Maven Meter: Waldo Casino & Hotel

(Last updated: April 30, 2024)


Opening in 2003, the Waldo was Macau’s first “boutique hotel”, a haphazard fly by night rush job that hastily converted an old warehouse into no one’s idea of style or comfort. Spoiler alert: over twenty years later, and it hasn’t gotten any better.

The small Waldo casino is technically part of the Galaxy family, but it’s actually run by a third party operator.  I used to think it had serious potential but it’s as depressing as the hotel.

Waldo Photo Gallery

Waldo hotel and casino
Waldo Hotel
Waldo Hotel old Entrance
Waldo Hotel Macau Year of the Pig
2011 Spring Festival Offerings
Waldo Hotel Macau Spring Festival
Spring Festival Deity


Ten years ago when I first wrote this review I suggested that the operator should expand the Waldo and add more games. Of course, they went and did the exact opposite, and now the casino is more insignificant than ever.

Tables are down to just 13 and only two games are offered: Baccarat ($500) and Commission Free Baccarat ($300).

The upper floors are the exclusive domain of Live Baccarat that feature dirt cheap minimums of $10 and $20.  Not to hate on anyone unnecessarily, but if you’re spending your time in beautiful Macau playing Baccarat at the Waldo for $1.27 US a hand, then something in your life is very, very wrong.


Baccarat – Minimum bet is $500.

Commission Free Baccarat – Minimums start from $300.  Also has $10 and $20 Live Gaming Baccarat.


I don’t like being in the Waldo.  I never really have to be honest.  When Covid claimed 25% of all Macau casinos during Covid, I was praying to God that the Waldo was one of them.  And yet it survived somehow, when truly decent places like Diamond, Babylon, and Million Dragon bit the dust.  For that reason, I don’t do much due diligence in the place, preferring to get out of there as soon as possible so I can be somewhere nice.

As such I don’t have a great handle on these promotions, only gleaning what I could from several advertisements around the casino.

-Cash back return is 1.2%, but I don’t know how much you have to roll to get it.  Undoubtedly, it’s in the millions.

-I believe if you roll $300,000, you can get a free room.

-A dining coupon can be had if you accumulate 10,000 points in 1 day, or take 50,000 points from the card.

-28,000 points entitles you to a free sandwich and orange juice.

-I don’t know if this one is true, but it’s hilarious if so.  The sign seemed to indicate that they’ll give you a free bowl of instant noodles if you accumulate just 1 point gaming.

UPDATE  It most assuredly is true, as other casinos have been giving instant noodles away for free.  Of course at the Waldo, you actually have to gamble first.

-Roll $1,000,000 playing Live Gaming Baccarat and they’ll give you 20 Mops.  That, ladies and gentlemen, is like $2.50 US.


The Waldo Hotel is a boutique hotel without boutiques. It’s trying to market a new kind of lifestyle, but it has no modern facilities. In fact, it doesn’t have any facilities at all, modern or otherwise.  There’s no pool, no sauna, or no steam room. There’s not even a dumbbell.  In the neighbourhood they’re in at the rates they’re charging, that’s nowhere near acceptable.

Waldo Hotel Macau lobby

The only place I could find the rates online was at C Trip, and strangely enough, all of their room grades basically cost the same thing.  Prices are in Macau Mops, inclusive of all rates and service charges.

If you intend to stay around the Ferry Terminal, definitely consider the Grand Lapa, Legend Palace, Harbourview and Casa Real first.


Prince Seafood is open again at the Waldo, after having been closed during Covid.

Prince Seafood – All Chinese menu at Prince Seafood should have us looking elsewhere.  Also was a ghost town, whereas it seemed to do a decent business before Covid.


M Club Spa – I don’t know what happened to the East Club Spa, which had been one of Macau’s most established dens of sin.  Now renamed M Club, full service runs $3098 to $5564, while happy ending massages are $1698.

The door pass is good for 12 hours and runs $1398.

The M Club Spa stays open 24 hours.


An utter and absolute waste of time on every conceivable front, the Waldo Hotel is a joke and has been since inception.  In terms of gaming, the casino is just as destitute.  I thought it had a lot of potential before due to its hip visuals but Galaxy’s third party operator is doing nothing with them.  It’s a cheap Baccarat Hall and nothing more.

Waldo Hotel Macau at night


The Waldo is located on the Northern end of the Amizade Strip, minutes away from the Macau Ferry Terminal.

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