10 Can't Miss Dishes

Macau is full of so much great food that it’s almost impossible to know where to start.

The Maven’s on the case though and is ready to share some of the city’s best and most well known dishes.

From duck rice to dim sum, feijoada to fish curry, start your Macau dining adventure here!

10 Iconic Restaurants

There’s only one word to describe the 10 places on this list – institutions. 

They’re not just restaurants in Macau; they are in some ways Macau itself, the very spirit and soul of a city embedded in the cracks and creaks of blue wall azulejos, in the faint falling chalk dust of neatly written Chinese characters listing dishes that have remained unchanged for decades, in the sure but steady gait of an aging waitress clearing up the last few tables of the night, her life’s work given in service of moving plates and bowls.

Chef's Corner

Betty Fung

LaNova B

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Coming Soon!


Street Food Guide

For travellers with tighter purse strings and/or a larger sense of adventure, you absolutely must try Macau’s magnificent street food.

Learn all about beef organs and beef tongues, pig knuckles and pig guts, in our exclusive Street Food Guide.

We promise it tastes a lot better than it sounds!


Every weekend the Fifth of October Street gets turned into a lively street food market. 

The Maven checked it out in June 2023, and hasn’t been back since.

To find out why, just read the following report!

Portuguese Wine Guide

Oenophile alert! For wine lovers, perhaps the best thing about visiting a former Portuguese colony is that it’s very easy to find all types of Portuguese wine.

From stunning reds to overlooked whites, big power ports to the magic of Madeira, this is where your trip to Macau should begin and end.