Coloane Village Temples

Coloane Village Temples: Kun Iam Temple

This small temple was built in 1800 and pays tribute to one of Macau’s most beloved deities, Kun Iam, the Goddess of Mercy.

Coloane Village Temples: Kun Iam Temple Kun Iam Temple inside

The large wooden carving above the door is the most intricate one I’ve seen in any Macau temple to date.

Coloane Village Temples: Kun Iam Temple wooden boat

The altar is similarly well endowed, full of character and colour.

Kun Iam Temple altar

Coloane Village Temples: Sam Seng Temple

Originally built sometime before 1865, Sam Seng Temple (Three God Palace) is dedicated to Kam Fa (the Golden Flower Goddess), Kun Iam (the Goddess of Mercy) and Va Kuong (the God of Fire).

Sam Seng Temple

Kam Fa is the most revered deity at the temple, so much so that the temple is sometimes called Kam Fa Temple. 

Sam Seng Temple inside

Kam Fa is both a protector and provider of children, so the temple is very popular with expecting mothers.

Sam Seng Temple doorman

In 1988, the temple was rebuilt with money provided by four other temples in Coloane.

Coloane Village Temples: Tam Kung Temple

Tam Kung Temple was built in 1862, named after a powerful child deity who could heal the sick and control the weather. 

Coloane Village Temples: Tam Kung Temple

Among seafarers and other fishing folk in Macau, Tam Kung is second in popularity only to A Ma.

Coloane Village Temples: Tam Kung idol

The temple is notable for two pieces of artwork: the first, the ancient dragon boat made from a whale bone. 

Coloane Village Temples: Tam Kung Temple dragon boatTam Kung Temple oarsmen in dragon boat wearing red hats

The second: and a mural depicting a tiger with a cub, as tigers often accompanied Tam Kung.

Tam Kung Temple tiger

Everything else, of course, is just eye candy.

Tam Kung Temple dragon

Dropping a few dollars might go a long way as well, since every Macau temple is publicly funded. 

Tam Kung Temple antique bowl

Every year on the day when the Buddha is bathed, the temple plays host to the Tam Kung Festival.

Coloane Village Temples: Tin Hau Temple

No one knows for sure when Tin Hau temple was built, but everyone agrees it is the oldest temple in Coloane.  Perhaps constructed as early as 1677, it is another temple paying tribute to Tin Hau, or A Ma, the goddess of seafarers.

Coloane Village Temples: Tin Hau Temple

In front of the altar are three elaborate wine boats carved with images of dragons and carps, used by devotees when offering gifts of alcohol. 

Tin Hau Temple wine boats

Temples usually only have one wine boat, the fact that Tin Hau has three is a testament to both its splendor and historical significance.

Tin Hau Temple big flower vase

Looking both kind and dignified, A Ma can steer my ship anytime.

Coloane Village Temples: Tin Hau Temple A Ma idol

In addition to A Ma, the temple also pays tribute to five other Gods: Wah Tor (God of Medicine), Choi Bak Sing Kung (God of Wealth), Lo Pan (God of Builders), She Ji (God of Earth and Grain) and Guan Yu (God of War).  An ancient bell on the right side of the temple dates from 1763.

Tin Hau Temple boat

The temple doormen are just another treat as well.

Tin Hau Temple doormen

Coloane Village Temple Locations

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