Macau Beaches

Both Macau beaches are located in sleepy Coloane.

Macau Beaches: Cheoc Van Beach

Compared to Hac Sa Beach, Cheoc Van Beach is less frequently visited.

Macau beaches: Cheoc Van Beach

Normally there are more people swimming in public pool by the beach than at the beach itself.

Macau beaches: Cheoc Van Beach swimming pool

If you fancy a stay near Cheoc Van Beach, the very good Pousada de Coloane is only footsteps away. 

Cheoc Van Beach

For a review of my stay there, please follow the link to Trip Report II.

Macau Beaches: Hac Sa Beach

Hac Sa Beach, or “Black Sand” in Chinese, is Macau’s main swimming destination, mainly because there are more things to do in the area.

Macau beaches: Hac sa beach

Besides swimming, there are a few parks and playgrounds nearby, as well as restaurants, roadside barbecue stalls, and picnic areas. 

Macau beaches: Hac Sa beach barbecue stall

While the water at both beaches is clean, it sometimes appears to be muddy brown, due to silt from the Pearl River. 

Mu Yi and I spent an afternoon there during Trip Report II.

Macau Beach Locations

For the best of the rest in Macau, which includes golf, Go-Karting, and scenic seaside walks, please click the link below!

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