Macau Temples (Various Regions)

Macau Temples: Hong Kung Temple

Macau Temples: Hong Kung Temple

In the 19th Century, Hong Kung Temple used to be located right on the coastline, and one day a wooden statue of Hong Kung washed up onto the shore.

Hong Kung Temple Hong Kung deity Hong Kung Temple dragon

The local residents took it as a sign of divine intervention and built a temple there in 1860. 

Hong Kung Temple temple figurines

Up until the 1970’s Hong Kung Temple was home to a free school for the poor and illiterate, and is also known as the Bazaar Temple. 

Hong Kung Temple doorman

To view more pictures, please have a look at Trip Report III.

Location: Rua de Cinco de Outubro

Macau Temples: Lin Kai (Stream of Mourning Temple)

Lin Kai Temple was built in the 17th Century, and features an intricate facade of granite carvings and tiled pictures.

Macau Temples: Lin Kai TempleLin Kai Temple friezes

The main hall is a shrine to Ua Kuong, the dark-faced God who guards against fire.

Lin Kai Temple interiorLin Kai Temple figurines

In an adjoining hall there are statues of 18 goddesses with children, symbolizing childbirth and rearing.

Lin Kai Temple figurines that symbolize child birthMacau Temples: Lin Kai Temple man and woman figurine

Location: Travessa da Corda

Macau Temples: Na Tcha Temple

Macau Temples: Na Tcha Temple

One of two temples dedicated to the child God Na Tcha, this one is much older, having been built at the beginning of the Qing Dynasty.

Na Tcha Temple lamps and altar Na Tcha Temple child god Na Tcha

Location: Calcada das Verdades

Macau Temples: Temple of the King of Medicine

This pretty yellow temple was first constructed in 1933.  It recently underwent a reconstruction that I don’t like, so I’ve left the old pictures up.

Macau Temples: Temple of the King of Medicine]Temple of the King of Medicine statue Temple of the King of Medicine gate

To see more pictures of how it used to look before, please follow the link to Trip Report I.

Location: Rua do Almirante Costa Cabral & Rua do Ultramar

Macau Peninsula Temple Locations

Follow the link for more temples in Taipa Village! 

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