Mong Ha Temples

Two of Macau’s most historically significant temples are situated around Mong Ha Hill – Lin Fung Temple and Kun Iam Temple.

Macau Mong Ha Temples: Bamboo Temple

Macau Mong Ha Tempes: Bamboo Temple

One of my favourite temples, the Bamboo Temple was constructed in 1911.

Bamboo Temple entrance art

It’s dedicated to three divinities: the God of Medicine, Kun lam and the Immortal Leung Kun.

Bamboo Temple wall deity

Mu Yi and I paid a visit to the Bamboo Temple during Trip Report II.

Bamboo Temple turtles

Location: Estrada de Coelho do Amaral & Rua de Bras da Rosa

Macau Mong Ha Temples: Kun Iam Tong

One of the Three Ancient Temples of Macau, Kun Iam Tong was built in the 13th Century and restored in 1627, 1818 and 1858. 

Macau Temples: Kun Iam Temple

Dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy, it’s one of the city’s most affluent temples, as evidenced by its impressive collection of artwork and complex roof that’s inundated with exquisite porcelain figures.

Kun Ian Temple friezes and figures

Kun Iam Hall is the main hall featuring the Goddess of Mercy wearing silk clothes and a crown that is changed every year. Flanking her are 18 Buddhas, one of which is said to resemble Marco Polo, who practiced Buddhism in the temple in the 13th Century.

Kun Iam Temple gold Buddhas

Make sure to visit the large garden in the back, home to ponds, statues and impressive looking carved stones.

Rocks at Kun Iam Temple Macau

For more pictures and information, please check out Trip Report I.

Location: Avenida do Coronel Mesquita

Macau Mong Ha Temples: Lin Fung (Temple of Lotus)

Another of the Three Ancient Temples of Macau, Lin Fung Temple is said to have been built during the Ming Dynasty in 1592. 

Macau Temples: Lin Fung Temple

The bronze bells and iron cauldrons date back to the 17th Century, gifted to Macau from cities in and around the Pearl River Delta, to show thanks for building and repairing their ships.

Lin Fung Temple cauldron

In the main courtyard there’s a lotus filled pond and a beautifully carved dragon collage.

Lin Fung Temple dragon collage

To view more pictures, please have a look at Trip Report I.

Lin Fung Temple dragon head and bell Lin Fung Temple drum

Location: Avenida do Almirante Lacerda

Macau Mong Ha Temples: Xian Feng Miao (Temple of the Immortal Vanguard)

Located in a small lane opposite the Ox Warehouse, Xian Feng Miao was built in 1861.

Macau temples: Temple of the Immortal Vanguard Temple of the Immortal Vanguard altarTemple of the Immortal Vanguard lamp

Location: Travessa de Coelho do Amaral

Mong Ha Temple Locations

Follow the link below for more Macau Peninsula temples! 

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