China Rouge

For an evening of trend setting upscale entertainment, look no further than Galaxy’s exclusive nightclub, China Rouge. 

Ever since its grand opening on March 15, 2012, it’s been the place where industry giants, celebrities and high rollers alike gather to meet, mingle and be seen.  I had the good fortune of partying there last April 30th with Qi Meng and A Ping, and we all left thinking the same thing.  If this is what 1930’s Shanghai was like, then we were all born at the wrong time.

Conceived and conceptualized by star Hong Kong consultant Alan Chan, the interior of China Rouge is a seamless marriage of classic and contemporary themes, highlighted by a series of impressive but overtly garish and salacious retro wall prints.

The fabulous hallway linking the entrance to the bar section is the club’s high water mark for style and seduction. 

A twisting and tantalizing take on East meets West, the corridor is a series of smaller chambers, where bold artistic presentations of sultry Asian women juxtapose with dark Art Deco inspired design and accessories. 

The entertainment at the club is cabarat style and certainly top notch. 

We saw a French jazz trio, pole dancers, body contortionists, ballroom dancers, Go Go girls, and a host of other singing and musical acts.  

Drinks at the club are not exorbitantly priced, instead they’re in line with what you pay at other high brow Macau bars. 

Expect to drop $75 for a beer and $100 for cocktails, while shooters are $50.  I didn’t check the prices for wine or champagne but I would anticipate the cheapest bottles start from around $450 and up. 

For those who like to cut some tile, there is no dance floor per se but one will be sure to pop up in front of the main stage before too long. 

Marketed as the playground of elites and VIP’s, China Rouge definitely doesn’t disappoint.

Not only is it Macau’s premier nightspot, but it’s also the city’s most devious, decadent and divine. 

If this website does well, then I’ll definitely make it one of my standard options in the future.  I hope to see you there!!


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