Meet and Greet in Macau with the Maven

People ask me all the time if I give tours in Macau. The current answer is no, but it’s something I may look at doing in the future.

For the time being, I’m focusing more on Patreon, which can be accessed here: Maven of Macau.

For those unfamiliar with Patreon, it’s a site that operates somewhat like a private membership club, which ultimately allows creators to get paid for content. I have no interest in using it that way though, as everything on this site is provided free of charge, and always will be.  Rather, I’m using Patreon more like a donation service, where you got something back for your kindness. 

And just what is that you ask?

In lieu of giving tours, I’ve come up with the idea of doing a meet and greet. Before arriving in Macau, we’ll collaborate on a travel itinerary that makes the most sense for you, based on your needs and interests. The trip plan can be as general or specific as you want – it’s all up to you.

After arriving in town, I’ll personally show you around, taking you from sight to sight, making sure you don’t run into any unexpected issues.  Our main mode of transportation will be walking, followed by buses and taxis, as I don’t drive in Macau and never will.

Making a donation makes the most sense for:

  • First time travelers to Macau or those unfamiliar with the city
  • Travelers who want an destination expert drawing up a custom made trip plan just for them
  • People in town just for a day or two and can’t waste time with mishaps and misadventures
  • Anyone who’d just like to spend a day with the Maven

How many days we end up meeting depends on the size of your donation:

  • One-time Donation of $120 US – 1 day
  • One-time Donation of $200 US – 2 days
  • One-time Donation of $280 US – 3 days

If any of this sounds appealing to you, please drop me an email first at  We need to make sure that I’ll be in town when you are, as well as go over the finer details.

Hope to see you soon!

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