A Baia

As the old saying goes, you tend to find things where you least expect them, and that’s definitely the case with A Baia. Situated in my least favourite part of town – the dreary mainland-infested soul destroying NAPE district between MGM and the Sands – is a small two story joint that I consider to be Macau’s most authentic Portuguese restaurant.

A Baia Macau

Run by a husband and wife team with years of experience in Portugal, A Baia doesn’t angle for the Asian market and it clearly shows in their classic home style dishes straight out of the sunny Algarve. While prices certainly aren’t cheap, I can live with them once I see how large the portions are and how good everything tastes.

A Baia Macau inside

Besides that, the man who runs it is a friendly fellow and his Filipino staff work it super hard, and deserve a shout out for being some of the warmest and most welcoming waitresses in town.

I’ve tried a number of dishes there and they’ve all been excellent, particularly the Seafood Rice ($398) that’s a must order for group diners.

A Baia Macau seafood rice
Seafood Rice

Infused in a rich tomato soup broth, it’s locked and loaded with lobster, clams, shrimp, fish and other fresh seafood, served in a pot large enough to feed 4 people. If you prefer it dry like how it’s done in Spain with the more well known Seafood Paella, then you’re out of luck because A Baia is a Portuguese restaurant, and at A Baia, they serve PORTUGUESE food.

A Baia Macau pork with clams
Pork with Clams

Carne de Porco a Alentejana, or Pork with Clams ($198), is another standout dish, a tasty appetizer that’s perhaps a shade better than their Octopus Salad ($148) and Fried Shrimp ($186), which are above average starters in their own right.

A Baia Macau Octopus salad
Octopus Salad
A Baia Macau fried shrimps
Fried Shrimps

For meat lovers, try the Baia Style Pork Fillet, a large plate of home cooked love packed with pork, fries and salad, amazing value for only $188.

A Baia Macau Baia style pork fillet
Baia Style Pork Fillet

Don’t forget to end things off with the super sweet Chocolate Mousse ($58), which I put right up there with the Serradura at Litoral as the best dessert in town.

A Baia Macau chocolate mousse
Chocolate Mousse

If you’ve never been to the south of Portugal then no worries… just head over to A Baia and you’ll be there soon enough!

A Baia Macau upstairs seating

True Portuguese food without compromise, it’d be a shame if you missed it while in town.

A Baia Macau Portuguese and Macau flags

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