With the Michelin signs on the windows, and even printed on the menu, a lot of people naturally conclude that Antonio is a Michelin starred restaurant – it’s not.  The restaurant has no stars, only the lesser distinction of being recommended by them.

Antonio Macau

To that I say, Michelin, you’re crazy.  If Robuchon Au Dome (aka Robuchon au Rip Off) is 3 stars, then Antonio deserves 5.  I had one of the best meals I’ve ever had in Macau there, on a lazy sunny Sunday afternoon when business was a little slow and we almost had the place to ourselves.

Antonio Macau indoor seating

Every dish was remarkable.  The soup was unusually tasty, the meat done to perfection, and the sides and salads spot on, fresh and delicious.

Antonio Macau shrimp
Antonio Macau seafood soup
Seafood Soup
Antonio Macau salmon
Fresh Salmon
Antonio Macau pork with fries
Pork with Fries
Antonio Macau steak

After my disappointing dinner at A Lorcha the night before. Antonio restored my faith in fine dining.  Their service was also top notch, so my thanks also go out to Antonio’s lovely staff.

Antonio Macau painting

One complaint many have about Antonio is the price, and rightfully so.  Yes, it is a little expensive.  Yes, it is overpriced.  But in my opinion, when you have an excellent lunch in a beautifully decorated restaurant, without one complaint, then what’s wrong with paying a little extra?  And besides that, it really wasn’t all that expensive.  Our bill for two was $1,307 which is not cheap but also not extravagant by any means, if you compare it to the restaurants in casinos.

There is better value in other Portuguese restaurants in Macau on the whole, but Antonio’s is fancier than A Petisqueira or Solmar, it’s more upscale than Fat Siu Lau or Litoral, so that’s going to cost extra.  And with the experience I had there – a lunch that really left nothing to be desired – that’s a price I’ll gladly pay every time.

Here are a few more pictures from a recent meal with Senor Antonio.  My full compliments again sir!

Antonio Macau soup
Seafood Soup
Antonio Macau seafood
Seafood Rice
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