To my knowledge, Belcancao is Macau’s most expensive buffet, with prices $229 for breakfast, $251 for lunch, and $537 for dinner.  It also might be Macau’s biggest rip off, since those rates in no way reflect the quality of food being served.

Belcancao Four Seasons Macau

Belcancao Four Seasons Macau food

Unlike MGM’s Rossio, where about 4 or 5 dishes stand out on a particular evening, nothing I had at Belcancao was noteworthy, memorable, or particularly good.

Belcancao Four Seasons Macau ribs

Belcancao Four Seasons Macau food station

Instead, most of what I ate was either hard, dry, and obviously not fresh.  Perhaps most embarrassingly, some of the dishes were cold.  How can a buffet that charges $537 not even keep its food warm?

Belcancao Four Seasons Macau seafood section

Belcancao Four Seasons Macau desserts

I think the only good part of the buffet was the salad selection, with about 6 or 7 different kinds offered, while the dessert section was also well stocked.  Other than that, the choice of food was rather limited and repetitive.  There was a lot of seafood, Indian fare and meat dishes, but too much of it was either lamb or chicken.  There was hardly any beef, pork, or other salamis and ham.  After my second visit, it was hard to find new food that I wanted to try.

Belcancao Four Seasons Macau plate of food

Belcancao Four Seasons Macau surf and turf

Speaking of positives, the service and decor at Belcancao were both very good.  Waiters were attentive and easy to get, while the restaurant had a smart relaxed vibe about it.  For drinks, free coffee and tea come included in the buffet, while all other beverages cost extra.

Belcancao Four Seasons Macau pizza and meat

Belcancao Four Seasons Macau fish and meat

To conclude, Belcancao is simply not Four Seasons Macau quality.  For what I ate, a price of $198 would have been more acceptable.  Avoid like the plague!

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