Cafe Bela Vista

Cafe Bela Vista is probably better known for the buffet it runs twice a day but the Mavenettes and I tried their a la carte menu instead.

Cafe Bela Vista Macau

Extremely varied, the menu is a mix of many different world cuisines, along with more traditional Chinese and seafood favourites.  We found the quality of food to be a lot like what you get in Western restaurants in five star hotels on the Chinese mainland.

Cafe Bela Vista Macau seafood

Cafe Bela Vista Macau club sandwich

That’s to say, what we had was okay and inoffensive, but not remarkable or special in any way.  It definitely wasn’t worth paying Macau prices for, nor trying again.

Cafe Bela Vista cheeseburger

Cafe Bela Vista lunch

Service was another problem.  Waitresses were neither very attentive nor very eager to serve.  It seemed like they were used to just serving drinks or clearing tables during the buffet.  We found their attitude to be as lackluster as the food.

Cafe Bela Vista Hainan chicken

Cafe Bela Vista chicken

Bottom line?  Cafe Bela Vista is only useful for those looking for a quick bite and a convenient meal, not any kind of memorable dining experience.  When you try to be a jack of all trades, you’re a master of none, and that’s the best way to sum up this restaurant.

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