Cafe Xina

Cafe Xina was formerly known as Afonso III, prior to moving to its current location beside Kiang Wu Hospital in 2015.

Cafe Xina Macau

As far as I’m concerned, it’s still Afonso III to me, since everything is the same as before, save for the name and where it is.

Cafe Xina Macau interior

For details of my great dinner at the old joint on Rua Central, please follow the link here: Trip Report III.

Cafe Xina Macau wine rack

I’m proud to say that everything is still top notch, just as it’s always been, especially the Crab Curry and Octopus Rice.

Cafe Xina Macau crab curry
Crab Curry
Cafe Xina Macau octopus rice
Octopus Rice

Just as it is in Portugal, it’s often a good idea just to stick to his daily specials, as they not only offer the best bang for your buck, but will also be insanely fresh.

Cafe Xina Macau door

Here’s a picture of Afonso from what has to be sometime in the 90’s, rocking that bike like a bad ass.

Cafe Xina Macau owner

Cafe Xina still isn’t represented on Google Maps, but it’s more or less exactly at the location below.

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