Campo De Dragon

Campo De Dragon is located in a fairly heavy tourist area, around the corner from the Lisboa and in close proximity to budget hotels like the Beverly Plaza, Fortuna, President and Metropark.

Campo De Dragon Macau outside

For whatever reason it’s never really caught on with travellers though, which is both strange and a shame, since it’s one of the best Chinese restaurants in town.

Campo De Dragon Macau fish tank

I went there at lunch with my good friend Wang Jian and we pretty much stuck to dim sum, ordering 7 different kinds, as well as a big beautiful dish of fresh sashimi ($88).

Campo De Dragon Macau fresh sashimi

All of the dim sum was spectacular, in particular the Shanghai Soup Pork Dumplings (灌汤小龙包 $23), Thai Eggplant (泰式酿茄子 $23), Shrimp Wraps (黑木耳鲜虾肠 $30),

Campo De Dragon Macau Shanghai Soup Pork Dumplings
Shanghai Soup Pork Dumplings
Campo De Dragon Macau Thai Eggplant
Thai Eggplant
Campo De Dragon Macau Shrimp Wraps
Shrimp Wraps

The Shrimp Dumplings (聚龙虾饺皇 $30), Abalone Fish Ball (鲍鱼粒咸水角 $21), and Shrimp Rolls (木鱼丝虾春卷 $26) were also of highest quality as well.

Campo De Dragon Macau Shrimp Dumplings
Shrimp Dumplings
Campo De Dragon Macau Abalone Fish Ball
Abalone Fish Ball
Campo De Dragon Macau Shrimp Rolls
Shrimp Rolls

The only thing we didn’t care for was the Red Taro Cake (红米香芋糕 $18) which was way too dry and hard.

Campo De Dragon Macau Red Taro Cake
Red Taro Cake

Even though we went there on the October 1st national holiday and the place was pretty busy, service didn’t suffer and everything was handled quickly and efficiently.

Campo De Dragon Macau interior

The price was right too, only $305, which is great value in Macau for two people dining anywhere, anytime.

Campo De Dragon Macau inside seating

I much prefer Chinese restaurants on the street to those located in big hotel casinos and places like Campo De Dragon are the reason why.  If it’s good enough for the locals, it’s good enough for me, and I will definitely return in the future.

Campo De Dragon Macau Buddhist shrine

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