Casa Don Alfonso

Casa Don Alfonso used to be known as Don Alfonso 1890, and was a lot more expensive before.  Now it’s aiming to be more low key and family friendly, and the menu prices have come down a ton.  I’ve yet to eat at the new iteration, but I’ll leave the old review up anyway.

The Grand Lisboa’s Don Alfonso 1890, the Wynn’s Il Treato and Galaxy’s Terrazza are three different versions of the same restaurant.

Casa Don Alfonso Macau

They all serve fine authentic Italian food at far too expensive prices, as well as decorate their restaurants in the same bold over the top fashion.

Casa Don Alfonso Macau painting and table

In Don Alfonso’s case, they try too hard for a classical European feel by incorporating too many chandeliers, paintings and other shiny bling bling type furnishings.

Casa Don Alfonso Macau decorative table

All of it taken together is quite the sensory overload and just unnecessary.

Casa Don Alfonso Macau lounge section

On the flip side, their service is absolutely phenomenal, and when you’re treated so well in such a posh, high class setting, it invariably does make the food taste a little better.

But oh those prices.  I suppose if you’re rich and money doesn’t mean anything to you, then Don Alfonso would make for an excellent choice time and time again.

Casa Don Alfonso Macau Lamb
(Mouthwatering) Lamb

The Lamb I had there was absolutely perfect, but it was also $600, which meant every bite I took cost me about $100.

Casa Don Afonso spaghetti
Casa Don Afonso lobster linguini
Lobster Linguini

Both pasta dishes – the Lobster Linguini ($480) and Spaghetti ($120) – were definite highlights, as were my friend’s Duck Breast ($180) and Red Grouse ($350).

Casa Don Afonso duck breast
Duck Breast
Casa Don Afonso red grouse
Red Grouse

The only thing that we found slightly disappointing was the Antipasti ($280).  I thought the meat was dry and there wasn’t enough of it, at least compared to what you get at MacauSoul.

Casa Don Afonso antipasti

Fantastic food needs to be paired with fantastic wine, and Don Alfonso’s wine list is absolutely huge, with over 7400 labels.  Make sure to have a few bottles before you get the bill though so you’re in a good mood, otherwise you might not like what you’re going to see.

For two people including two bottles of wine which ran $1000 combined, our bill came to $3520.

That pretty much puts Don Alfonso out of my price range as a regular dining venue, but I’m still glad I tried it because it was a very enjoyable dinner.  The food and wine ran the gamut from good to great to unforgettable.

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