Chan Kong Kei

Much like famous delis around the world that survive and thrive due to a signature sandwich, Chan Kong Kei lives off of two Cantonese specialties: Black Pepper Roasted Goose (黑椒烧鹅) and Black Pepper Roasted Duck (黑椒烧鸭).

Chan Kong Kei Macau Black Pepper Roasted Goose
Black Pepper Roasted Goose

You don’t really go there and order anything else, so just stick with these two house specialties that both came very close to cracking my list of 10 Can’t Miss Dishes.

Chan Kong Kei Macau Black Pepper Roasted Duck
Black Pepper Roasted Duck

Besides that, it’s the type of food that tends to travels very poorly overseas so be extra sure to try it when you’re in Macau. And considering both only cost $120, you’d almost be foolish not to.

Chan Kong Kei Macau interior

Be aware that the restaurant is often packed during lunch and dinner so come early and/or be prepared to wait, sometimes in a line that snakes around the corner.

Chan Kong Kei Macau outside


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